Old Oak Riley scoreboards for sale with twin bevel edged Mirrors. Circa 1910 /1920

We have two scoreboards just come in for sale . here is an original advert from a Riley catalogue the board is the bottom left in this catalogue dated around 1910 .
Riley scoreboards catalogue 1938-38
they have real character being the Riley Beveled mirror type that sell on high end billiard firms sites such as Hamiltons or Sir william bentley billiards upwards of £350 when renovated .
You can have them in the current condition at £150 per Scoreboard £275 the pair , or renovated at £350 , someone has painted black board paint on the centre section . there originally used to be a paper clip in the shape of a hand , but these got easy broke .
Many people put a hook and hung a cloths brush on the centre section which with the mirrors would be a more practical thing to do .
Riley oak mirror scoreboard
We have two of these at £150 each or £275 the pair in current condition………………… or £350 each renovated .
Renovation on these boards are easy as they all screw apart , every piece of wood comes off , they sell for £350 on most billiards sites once they have been refurbished .
they would look great with any oak table and because they require renovation or waxing , you can match the colour of your table as close as possible .