MINT condition full size Stevens & sons Billiard table circa 1890 …Really nice have a look !

I have a Client who is moving house and the table cannot go , so has to be sold .
the location is Braintree in Essex , this table can only be described as in Mint Condition .
The cloth is virtually as new , only a trace tracking marks  in the corners where ball bruises the cloth on impact in corner pockets and very normal to see,  the legs have a Arts and Crafts or Art nouveau feel about them , and to top it off the table comes with a ornate Brass shade reproduction Gas light with electric bulbs x 6.
this table just requires picking up delivering and setting up .
Just take a look at the following Photo’s.
Hayley Harding stevens and sons mint top plate Hayley Harding stevens and sons top shot of cloth Hayley harding stevens cover on table lighting Hayley Harding stevens end plate rerubber Hayley Harding stevens corner shot no wear or tracking hayley stevens corner leg buttons cushions
If you are interested in the table then contact Geoff at GCL Billiards by email , I will forward any offers onto the selling client .
As for Value , lets not put a value on this all I will say if a dealer was selling it then expect to pay around £5000 fully fitted ,
and no I do not expect that sort of money and the clients are realistic too , so please sensible offers .
There are not many Billiard tables about that you can buy without having to spend a penny on any refurbishment .
If you require a quote for dismantle and move then GCL billiard would be delighted to speak to any Buyer.
The Cushion end plate says Stevens and sons , but I will point out this is just a re-rubber badge advertising that the table is fitted with Meteor cushion rubber fitted by stevens and sons , long taken off by now and replaced with good Northern rubber during it’s renovation .

normally the frame or slates will have Stevens and Sons stamp on them somewhere . like this from another table we dismantled last year .
stevens mr cook stamp ink wood