Local Nottinghamshire club have one full size snooker table and one pool table recovered in Strachan 6811 Gold tournament 30 oz cloth

Yesterday we visited Stapleford Cue Club ,this is a long running establishment of what I describe as a small comfortable club that has survived the downside of clubs up and down the country that are three times the size of this club and yet they closed , this shows that if you have a club with 6 full size snooker tables and 4 supreme winner pool tables you can survive as running costs are much lower .
Big is not always better as some will say
stabb0 cue full size steel march 2015 xxbb leathers
Over the years I have seen the club change hands 5 times since the 1980s , today we have Jed and Steve running the club , and I must say Jed keeps the tables playing in very good order , regular brushing and ironing and if there is a problem he only has to call GCL billiards in to sort it out .
Many skilled players play snooker and pool from Stapleford Cue club , but they never discourage the intermediate and entry level players from joining , in fact they encourage it , all they ask is that you respect the tables and the staff .
Above photo of table two was treated to a full re-cover in Strachan 6811 tournament gold 30 oz cloth , new extra extra broad bow leathers and a new set of high quality ring nets , this table has Steel block cushions , one of two tables out of the six full size tables at the club to have them . Steel cushions are professional tournament standard .
The Ambience of the club is just right for the modern player , OK there is TV and background music , but it is not too overpowering and I always enjoy working in this club , you get the bit of banter of which is sometimes pointed in my direction , but you have to have a sense of humor in most club’s .
stabbo cue club march 2015 6811gold T
the match table for pool is the very latest supreme winner , this table has one of the most accurate slates that I have worked on , some times these tables can sag down in the center , mainly due to people sitting on the tables and bending the body carcass  .
A good 90% of pool tables are slightly dished or sagging in the center , but this one is 100% perfect.
And with the same high quality Strachan 6811 gold tournament cloth fitted with good brushing and ironing , I would say it is one of the best pool tables in the area to play on .
stabbo march 2015 corner pocket chrome
all the latest Supreme winner tables have the new all metal chromed corner plates with raised lettering and also alloy cushion trim , some earlier models have black plastic trim and plastic chrome corners with sunken lettering , also the finish of the new tables is called black pearl , the old ones are black ash which is wood grained finish , as you can see this is the later Black pearl edition.
It was Jed who asked GCL billiards to supply the Racking cloth stickers , such was his care and attention to educate the players to always use these to stop excessive wear on the racking end of the table .
so if you are local to Stapleford or the surrounding area’s and wish to play on tables that are looked after , give Stapleford cue club a phone come on down and try the tables out as a guest , you may like it and decide to join .
with Beeston snooker hall closing and three clubs in long Eaton closed plus the odd social club closing , Stapleford Cue club is the place to play .
I have also heard rumours of other local clubs either reducing tables or closing too . one thing you can be certain of is that Stapleford cue club is well attended and so it is a survivor in the cue sports industry that has a roller coaster of a ride over the years .

Stapleford Cue club is situated behind Pizza hut
148 Derby road Stapleford Nottingham NG9 7AY ,
small car park at side of club .
Tell 0115 9394504  open from 12am most days .