Large country house re-rubber re-cover new nets and leathers on full size snooker table near Grantham Linconshire …but not so good table !

I have been working in a large country house near Grantham  , now a hotel and conference centre
a few years ago I moved this table from an out building to the main house , unfortunately table is not of good manufacture and  a few mistakes with the build when it was new .
the main mistake being they made the side cushions too long resulting in the end cushions having been packed from new by the original installers .
stoke roch cushions off packing end cush 3
on strip down I came across this , the end cushion has hardboard packing to make them fit the table .
the side cushions are too long and make the end cushion sit off the end of the table by around 3/8ths
so the original manufacturer just packed it on install ?
there is not a lot you can do with these cushions to rectify this on site , maybe replace with a decent set of cushions but I was instructed to re-rubber the cushions and then re-cover the table .
stoke roch cushions off re-rubber
cushions off and rubber stripped off ready for re-rubber
re=rubber cutting rubber
this how I re-rubber and shape the cushion openings
re-rubber undercutt smooth 2
and file smooth , a perfect pocket opening every time by GCL billiards
stoke roch cushion bolt recessed slot
the other manufacturing fault was the way they slotted out for slate bolts , this is not as good as a perfect hole
the bounce in the cushions would not be as good as a perfect bolt hole cushions , as they are removing wood out of the cushion they are also removing weight of the cushions
a vital design of cushions is to make them heavy and stiff and bolt up tight for excellent bounce
all these did perform well enough they would have been far better if designed correct .
stoke roch bed cloth going on 1
The bed cloth going on
stoke roch very bad slate joint filled
I did have to attend to a very bad slate joint , someone had attempted to move the table and had disturbed the filler out of the joint
stoke roch bed cloth on fully 3
Bed cloth fully fitted
Stoke rochford finished table
the table fully re-rubbered in best northern rubber made in the UK
fully re-clothed using best Quality UK made Strachan 6811 tournament cloth 30 oz weight
Brand new Leathers and nets Peradon UK supplied
stoke rochford cover on dust cover
UK Peradon supplied fitted dust cover
stoke roch gold shade 3 4 size
When I was re-rubbering the cushions I was asked if I had a lighting shade as they where using a very small pool table light placed very high
I did have a second hand 3/4 sized lighting shade that is hung also high would do a job ad was far better than what they had in use so I let them have this at a reasonable price
it was in very good condition
stoke roch pool three shade too small
this is what they where playing under ?
stoke roch hall distance better photo van
the very Grand entrance to the large country house .
Stoke rich van outside photo 1