GCL Billiards to get repeat work for snooker tables in Leicester , 5 re-stretch bed cloths

Our client in Leicestershire renewed their faith in GCL Billiards in requesting for us to come back on the 12 month anniversay of the re-covers to re-stretch all 5 tables bed cloths and check for level etc  in this Establishment . we noted that two nets where worn so replaced these free of charge as a goodwill gesture .
We completed the work over two days , we did not want to rush the work , where many firms would have tried to complete in one day , although working on two at a time  ,we did each table as if we where working on just one and took our time to make sure all was correct before moveing onto the next table .
The Strachan 6811Tournament cloth is standing up to wear very well showing no excessive wear , another make was used last time we recovered them and I had to re-cover some end cushions when we did the re-stretch due to wear around the pocket openings  , so on this basis we always recommend the Strachan 6811 tournament over any other cloth .

I must say the tables are realy  looked after at this Venue , they get a Brush and iron 3 times a week . + extra for match play .
5 stretch bed cloths
All five tables are 1930/40s Riley Square legged  tables with 4 being Oak framed and one being Mahogany , they have in the past had all their cushions replaced by Rileys in the late 80s early 90s , so have modern mahogany cushions on them . We have recommended that they start to re-rubber the tables spread out  one table  every two years , this will mean in 10 years time all the tables will have had their rubber replaced and would mean only the extra cost of one table re-rubber every two years ontop of the re-covering costs , the cushions are around 25 years old now , so are due .
one table has slightly dished slates , and I have recommended that some adjustable slate supports ( Muntins) be added and by the simple turn of 6 bolts these can be adjusted to take the dip out of the slates by forceing pressure upwards under the slate in the centre ( only the table  fitter to adjust these ) .
One other recommendation would be to replace the coffin shades with the modern White light high frequency tube lighting as used in the Nottingham Snooker Academy . but they seem happy with the shades at the moment.
5 stretch bed 2

I would like to thank all my Clients who have arranged or are about to arrange for GCL Billiards for repeat work , it shows our clients trust in us to do the work correct and not rushed and not overcharge .
this is what GCL Billiards values are , to build a trusting relationship with our clients , and do every job as if it is GCL Billiards who is going back to do any work , we do it right because if it is done wrong  we risk the wrath of the client and also makes our job harder next time we re-cover plus our Reputation would get tarnished .
I always look back to the value’s of the first Master fitter who trained me many years ago Mick Robb , he and the other fitters after always said if a job is worth doing it is worth doing right .
My Old Boss John Hopkin ( now in his 80s and still going strong ) also had moral and Christian value’s , although I am not a practising Christian I always admired John for his ethic’s and beliefs and still do .