Fully booked out up to Christmas and now taking order bookings for January and February 2019 .

I am sorry to say this , but because we are very popular within the Snooker and pool community
we are again fully booked out on our run up to Christmas .
There may be a chance of pulling a small job in like a pool table re-cover if we are passing , but to be honest these would have to be close to Nottingham or Derby to do this .

GCL billiards has built up a good reputation within our local area and much further around the UK .
I have had to drop some types of work off our radar since March 2018 , things like abroad work which takes too much traveling time and eats into our work back here in the UK
and because I am now getting on in age upstairs or downstairs basement installs of snooker tables has been limited too .
so please mention if you have stair work involved or many steps , even some outside step staircases we have to refuse .
I am of course fully capable of all ground work installs and removals of full size snooker tables , as you only pivot the weight of the slate on level ground of and onto piano wheels trolley .
and do not actually lift it up or down .
I used to wonder why I got so many referrals for upstairs work , from other firms , now it all makes sense , I was the only one daft enough to take it all on , resulting in some serious muscle and joint wear over the 43 years I have been fitting tables .
I am willing to travel anywhere in the UK within reason and if the payment of this work is equal to the man hours away from Home and B&B or hotel charges are met,
then I am willing to take this work on

Most of my work is the Recovering and Re-rubber of all cue sports tables .


and then sitting back and admiring my finished work .

I may even get chance to knock a few balls around with my clients .

There are not many Old school Time served Billiard table fitters left working in the UK
The large firms have disappeared and their apprenticeships have gone with them .

Try finding a good billiard table fitter who is free within a few days and I would say this would be an impossible task ,
most are like myself and busy 6 to 8 weeks booked up in advance most months .

from this dry and hard cracked rubber on a 7ft riley diner

plane new rebate shelf for larger rubber

to larger rubber fitted for better bounce and perfect angle cut

To my knowledge there are a few good fitters around Liverpool / Sheffield / Scotland / one in Bournemouth  / Bristol maybe Birmingham and that is about it .
Many tables have been scrapped over time , but there are Thousands out there requiring work on them ,
yet only a few fitters left in the UK that are capable of doing the Work to an acceptable level , so please do your home work on any of the firms you choose to make sure they are not speed fitters , who only hit and run and never take their time .
Where the Chinese looked up to the UK fitters to train them from around 1980s  , in the future it will be Chinese fitters coming over to the UK to show UK fitters how to do the job .

Billiard and pool table work is a specialist time served job , I do not plan to retire anytime in the near future , I like my work that much , I have just got back from Butlins Skegness where I had to dismantle two full size tables and scrap them , then dismantle 6 Brunswick 9ft american pool tables .
I then relocate three of these over to the Green baize snooker room , and recovered them in Butlins red cloth , store one on site and keep some spares from the two others , and then scrap / recycle what is left of two of these two pool tables .

scrapped or should I say recycled slate and solid oak woodwork .

install american Brunswick gold crown pool tables with red Strachan super pro speed cloth ,  in Green Baize club
I am sorry to say the Free to play snooker tables at Butlins is about to stop in the New year , from January 2019 all tables in the Green Baize will be around £6 per hour.
Skegness was the only Butlins left doing free snooker the other two camps in Minehead and Bognor charged for playing snooker .
Skegness is now being brought into line and I have been informed they require me every three or four months from now on to keep their tables playing well to warrant the charging of the free table time , I have been calling twice year in the past .

Hot Shots pool area is now an Entertainment Venue .
all pool tables have been removed from this area .