From 1st of May Another Factory Price Increase on Supreme tables …. OUR GCL BILLIARDS RENTAL PRICES WILL STAY THE SAME.

Heywood Supreme have just implemented a further price increase .
The reason is increased prices for raw materials such as wood, aluminium, laminate , cloth and slate to name but a few .
add the sundries of chroming of parts and shipping of some parts into the UK , plus nuts bolts and screws balls cues chalk .
and of course the ever fluctuating increase in Diesel for pick up from Manchester and  delivery .

We collect our tables in batches of two or three .
there is normally a 6 to 8 week waiting from order to our tables being available for collection , so we try and keep a couple in stock ready to go .

the Supreme winner is in great demand .
and to make matters a little worse for some people who only have room for a 6ft table  , the 6 foot versions are no longer £50 less money than a 7ft , they are priced the same due to exactly the same amount of work to put them together and minimal difference in materials as there is more waste from cutting out the laminate  panels for 6fts , the sundries like pocket plates alloy trims and coin mech side are the same as a 7ft .
We do not rent 6ft tables so that part does not effect us , all our winners are 7 ft versions and all coin operation mechanical straight six type ,
although we do free play for sites which demand a no coin operation , we are doing this to two tables  next Saturday for a site in Nuneaton that is increasing their rental tables from two to four !
This conversion still keeps the ball separator intact for the cue ball to return to balk end .
Remember our rental tables get two £185 re-covers a year plus balls and cues every year , half of your rental fee you get back in this service for the re-covers and accessories upkeep per year .
The actual rental side is not a lot of money and when put aside against tax it makes it not worth buying your own table , but rent a table fully maintained from GCL billiards .
We have two clubs with multi tables in one room that have worked this out .
They do not have to worry about recovers or maintenance as it is all in , and we put these visits in our yearly calendar and turn up on or around those dates to carry out the work .
Your Club or Pub league players will not get onto you about bad cloth condition , as it is taken care of on a regular basis .

our rental  tables are in Black pearl finish

they all sport the latest die cast metal chrome corners and not the early plastic type .

latest green badge

and anti bounce up full slotted Allen bolt down ball rails .

we call every 6 months to re-cover in our rental price
this covers winter and summer leagues and makes sure your table stands out from many in your league that does not have their tables recovered as often .
Players within the league want to play on your rented looked after tables rather than a shoddy one .

And the league often use our tables as finals table’s in the leagues as they know they are in good order and recently recovered .

and the cloth we use to re-cover , in our opinion and many players the best choice  , Strachan 6811 quality cloth .
we have had a few that try the Hainsworth cloths , but I can honestly say they always come back to the all wool Strachan cloth .
as the ball does not respond as good on a mixed fiber of wool, and man made product .
We are always looking to increase our rental portfolio within our local area , and some just outside it .
If you are in the market for a new table think about Renting from GCL billiards with two re-covers a year it makes sense .
GCL billiards are solely a cue sport operation , we do not get sidetracked in maintaining video game machines or fruit gambling machines ,
we are 42 years in the business of maintaining  Cue sports tables .
From Pool tables to Full size tournament match play Snooker tables 42 years of personal Experience of working on cue sports tables .