For Sale Full size snooker table Karnehm & Hillman Buckingham ….very nice table @ just £850 in sussex

We have a Client who wishes to sell their Fathers full size Karnehm and Hillman Buckingham model snooker table
From the photo’s the woodwork looks in excellent order , this table was installed new in the 1980s for £4500 .
My client knows the current market for full size snooker table and has therefore set a low price of £850 as the asking price.
With the table you get the dust cover and all the rests and cues triangle and balls , everything you need to play the game including the Lighting Shade and scoreboard  .
Patricia pape K&H other side shot
The actual table that is for sale I have advised that most of the accessories are to be included with the table .
However the Dowsing Billiards Iron is to be sold separately  at £75 , this is the normal price on Ebay that these irons sell for .
if anyone requires the the iron and the table then the iron can go for £50 with the table .
this is very normal for table sales as second hand Billiards Irons are in demand .
As you can see this table has only had private home use from new , it is not one of your worn out Working men’s clubs tables .
Patricia Pape K&Hillman buckingham sussex
Another view of the table from the other side angle , Karnehm and Hillman tables are in my opinion , one of the best modern tables to buy
The slates where hand floated and the wood used was Brazilian Mahogany , This table is located in Sussex in the BN25 post code area .
Patricia Pape snooker iron K&H
the Dowsing none thermostat iron and lead could be included or sold separately ,
you do not normally get these with table sales as they were an expensive option when new and still one second hand .
We always advise to sell iron’s separately as there is a demand for these from pool table owners as well as Snooker table owners
but if you are buying the snooker table then a discount price of just £50 extra will secure this iron for you .
I have to be fair with my information to the seller as well as the buyer so if I say the iron is in demand, I inform the seller as well as the buyer  , GCL Billiards do not own any table advertised on our web site
We like to keep to maintenance and logistics of moving tables rather than get involved in buying and selling snooker tables.
Rear view of van Igorvan igor loaded inside cargo
We are just too busy installing and general maintenance like re-covering and re-rubbering , new nets and leathers fitted type of work to get involved with tables sales
So we like to offer our expert 40 years experience as a Billiards fitter , and we would be delighted to quote for the pickup and transport of this table and erected in your Home .
Contact Geoff at or phone 07753466064 for more detail on this table , we will put you in direct touch with the seller ( Patricia ) you can then arrange any sale with her direct
if you like our quote for collecting this table and transporting it and then erecting in your home then we can set a date to carry out this work .