Completed a Re-rubber and re-cloth , plus nets leathers and new ball rails to this very well made 7ft near Loughborough .

An example of my work on this well made 7ft table , made from a new frame and slate but cut down cushions from an old Orme & sons table , this was done in the 1980’s by another firm .
I have just completed a refurbishment of the playing surface and cushion rubber .
the thing that makes this table a good one is the full size bolts used in the cushions rather than the normal wood screw on cushions on most 7ft tables this one has been built correct .
And I made a point of this by informing my clients today why I thought it was a good table .

The table stripped down and old rubber removed and glued up blocks and rubber .
Best quality Hainsworth Northern rubber with yellow dot was used , this is the same rubber as used on TV tournament snooker tables .
The bed cloth removed showing the modern Italian made slate , with thick outer surround sub frame that the lug nuts are inserted into for the large cushions bolts .
The table polished frame is also a modern 1980s made frame and legs .

This is a full size bolt and lug , as used on full size snooker tables .
The lug is put in a rebate hole and plugged and glued in viewed from under side of wood sub subframe on slate edge , by using a bolt up system the cushions will be tight and better rebound , if they had just wood screwed the cushions it would not be as good .
The finished table , with new Peradon UK pocket top plate leathers , and new Peradon quality nets and ball rails .
Pocket opening with ball showing approx. space to pocket a ball , and the Hainsworth info for cloth care & maintenance of the Smart grade cloth used .
Corner pocket opening
The cushions came from an Old Orme & sons 9ft or full size table , as I could read Manchester stamped in on the underside of the cushion , and Orme always put that on their cushions , the Orme lettering part had been cut off , when they where cut down to fit this smaller 7ft table .
The table ready for a game of pool , I also checked and adjusted for level .
Ball size is 2 inch , if they want an easier game then 1.7/6th is the cue ball size , if they got this 1.7/16th size balls in the spots and stripes , they will find it easier to pocket , but the 2 inch in my opinion is ok .
it all depends on the standard of accuracy of the players , to decide the size of ball for this table .
The burgundy , Hainsworth smart napped wool mix cloth looks very nice on this table .
I recommend that any napped wool cloth is ironed every 10 hours of use , A full size billiard iron is very expensive at around £300 , but there is a lower cost option that does the job for these smaller tables and pool tables , from Decathlon on line only not in store at around £40 , it is a smaller iron , you have to press down , and always try it on newspaper or some spare cloth before putting it on any billiard / pool table bed cloth .
it heats up in just three minutes and ready for use , just unplug and use , never have it plugged in when ironing as it gets hotter as you are using it .
Many pubs use this type of iron on their small 7ft pool tables .
As a closing point , I would like to draw your attention to a label found on the underside of the cut down cushions , it appears that the cushions where originally on a full size I would say at a club called .
The Chorley Cum Hardy Conservative club , this club I think is now closed and used as offices .
it was based at  617 Wilbraham Rd, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 9AN .
the old rubber was dated in early 1980 and I think the 7ft table may have had cut down cushions converted and frame made in late 1980 or early 1981 .
probably by Riley’s . or one of the Liverpool firms .
A solid 4 leg frame that does not sag in the middle .