Butlins Skegness new Strachan Artscape American pool cloth fitted this time with Budwieser logo

We have Just been over to Butlins in Skegness , we arrived Sunday Lunch time to start the 6 American pool tables in hotshots American pool and Bowling centre .
Last year we re-covered them in a grass back ground which was just a photo of turf printed onto the cloth then a Butlins logo across the centres .
this time Rob and Wayne got the Budweiser Rep cornered and got him to sponsor the cloth for the next season for hotshots .
Take a look at the following photo’s , I always enjoy fitting these type of cloths with colourful logos and backgrounds .
Butlins grass dirty drink stains
Last years design of turf with Butlins logo fitted around December 1st 2013  , looking worse for wear with Coke and beer stains , these cloths looked ok two months ago , but as the season starts to get towards Christmas you get a few weekend specials for the younger people  ( 18 to 30s) and drinks are sent flying all over the pool tables , it is good business for Butlins those 18 to 30s spend a lot of cash on those weekend specials over the bar , and it is not too long before they are recovered again .
Butlins bed going on Purple art Bud
the new Budweiser cloth going on , Rob chose a Purple and green alternate colour design from table to table over the 6 tables , 3 in green and 3 in Purple .
Butlins artscape on cushions purple Bud
the top cushion surround of one of the table upside down on another , these cushions have just been recovered in the Purple cloth which has  a water droplet design imprinted into the cloth
Butlins bed on fitted art bud purple
the bed cloth now fully stretched out and fitted , we use a special spray mist coating when we fit the bed cloth , this prevents the cloth becoming slack and also helps prevent drink stains and also puts a nice flower petal scent into the cloth
we are on of the few billiards fitting firms that apply this , and we like to keep this formula a secret , we only use this coating spray on speed cloth and not napped billiard cloth .
the printed artscape cloth is scotch guarded to also help prevent drink stains , but scotch guard will wear off in time as does our scented secret formula . so extra application of spray on scotch guard is a must to help prevent staining like the first photo.
Butlins arstscape instructions
Artscape printed cloth is like matching wallpaper up , the cushion cloths are colour coded and it is important that the colour code on the edge of each cushion cloth is aligned to the same on the bed cloth to get the  pattern running in the same direction and on some cloths the fading to also align up from cushion to bed cloth , each pack comes with instructions of colour coding
Butlins Artscape Budwieser purple and green water
Three done and three to go , the lighting has always been Budweiser .
We completed the work by Wednesday morning , and then moved onto a RAF base near Lincoln for a full size snooker table dismantle and move from one room to another in the officers mess  , but that’s another story .
Butlins grass artscape all 6 recovers
Last year just after they where recovered in the green turf design
Butlins artscape 1
And 2012 design of red faded stars with Butlins logo