Just a little gadget we use to test the rebound value of Cushion rubber by ball distance roll , and also speed of cloth .

Made by the Late Dave Gibson for use in his own billiard hall in Beeston Nottingham to inform him of the state of his tables speed and cushion life .

I purchased it 10 years ago with some other bits and bob’s on the close down of the billiard hall , from his widow Kathy , and she was pleased it was still going to be used .

The ball is placed on the ramp and is clasped into place and held by a spring loaded lever , press to release and the ball rolls down at its own release pace not assisted , it hits the end cushion from its baulk line start line , and you measure the return travel of the ball to access the condition of the rubber .

It is the same with cloth speed , you can see if you think you need your cloth re-stretching , or compare a fast paced match or ultra fine cloth speed on on one table, to say the slowness of thick heavy club cloths .

a usefull tool and I was delighted to own it .

and still put to the use it was intended for , more so with me as a fitter , than with a 10 table billiard hall , it is now used on hundreds of tables , to show clients the state of play on their tables