Away in Wales for two days …emails will be answered on 20th when I get back

I have to travel to Wales on Monday morning and will be staying over for a night so will not be able to look at the PC to answer any Emails until Wednesday the 20th of August  .
I am setting up a nice Burroughs and watts full size snooker table and also re-covering it in the best Strachan 6811 gold tournament 30 oz cloth , we always show our clients the stamp of the cloth on every fitting.
thus you can be confident that GCL Billiards do not fit lower quality cloths.
Unlike some re-covers we have come across in the past we value our Reputation more than a few extra £s profit from fitting lower quality cloths and charging for the high quality .
did you know there is only around £18 difference between the Gold  tournament and the Silver club cloth ! you can tell the difference
WBL new cloth 6811 gold tournament 30 ozderby snooker silver cloth

Rear view of van Igor