Another install of new pro lighting

Today we have been hanging two sets of lights above two tables at a club in Derby.  The team who play out of this club spotted some that I had supplied at another club in the same league and was that impressed they requested GCL BILLIARDS to supply new lighting to their club.

The club did provide me with an electrician for the connection of power to the lighting, making sure there was an earth feed to the wires, which on this occasion there was not as the old shades were wooden and required no earth.  So a new earth was sourced and connected to the hidden sockets for the lights.

On this installation there were two beams, so the lighting units could not be directly mounted to the ceiling.  We used the existing chain from the old shade and mounted two three metre box section steels to each set of lights.  This kept the lighting together and easy to install.  They are approx 5 foot from the bed of the table to the underside of the lighting.

Above you can see the old shade taken down which had three 150 watt bulbs in a total of 450 watts.  The new lighting has 4 tubes at 58 watts each totalling 232 watts.  That’s nearly half the running costs of the old shades and much improved lighting.  These old shades used to retail at around £350 in the 1980’s.  The new pro style lighting are ….just gone up by £10.70p to £239.70p …sorry but just been informed of increase in cost of tubes and light unit from 1/01/2013 . but still great value.

Notice we have protected the bed of the newly re-covered tables by using dust sheets and plenty of cardboard and blankets.  The level of the tables was checked after installation and only one leg had to be shimmed on the near table.

GCL BILLIARDS stock the new pro style lighting which have high frequency tubes and do not flicker like the old fluorescent tubes with side starter inserts.  The balls have less side shadow and the whole table is lit that much better.

Priced at just £239.70p including postage for a twin unit plus any hanging kit required, or £135.50p  for a pool table plus hanging kit if required. NO VAT CHARGED.  If the club is local I will help to install and deliver personally.

Enquiries phone Geoff on 07753 466064 or 0115 972 5355.  Or email