Another full size Snooker table move on the Nottinghamshire / Lincolnshire border

We have just completed another dismantle and set up of a full sized snooker table.  This one was from one room to the room next door so an easy job for us.  The table was manufactured by the late Mick Robb of Belvoir Billiards.
Belvoir bill table move
Mick Robb used to subcontract to my uncle’s firm many years ago in the late 1970s.  It was at this time that I had took an interest  in the art of becoming a Billiards fitter.  Mick took me under his guidance for nearly 6 years and he then advised me to join a well established Billiards firm to perfect my skills even more.

The table below was made by Mick in his two Army huts that he had installed on some land at the rear of his house in Aslockton, near Bingham in Nottinghamshire.  He used the finest mahogany and always made the cushions very sturdy and used BCE match play pocket plates on every one of his tables.  As soon as I set eyes on this table I informed the owner who had made the table.  That was without even seeing the name plate on the end cushion.  Our client was impressed that I knew who had made his table.

Mick lived very close to Belvoir castle, so named his firm Belvoir Billiards.  He affixed the name plate ‘The Belvoir’ on many of his tables.

The photo below shows the table in the new room that the owner asked us to put it in.  We think it was put  in this room to start with, then moved to a new large extension.  It has now been moved back by the current owners, who inherited the table with the property two years ago.  There is much better daylight in the extension whereas the centre room is rather dark, so they wanted to make the living room into the snooker room and vice versa.

We arrived at 10 am and were finished by 3 pm.  All set up, brushed, ironed, re-marked out, levelled and ready for play, apart from a new light which they are having fitted at a later date.

If you require your table moved, have it done by an expert and call GCL Billiards in to do the work for you.  Email or phone 07753 466064 for a quote.
belvoir bill move finished table