10ft Oak snooker table moved for client to new Wooden Cabin near Matlock Derbyshire

The past two days I have been collecting a snooker table that was in our for sale section by Private seller , our client had logged into GCL Billiards web site and looked in the for sale section which are tables being sold by Private adverts , and found what he has been looking for .
A rare 10ft Oak snooker table .
Oak 10ft Geoff end shot
Above a photo of the oak table in it’s old location near Congleton Cheshire
I dismantled the table in the sellers Home and loaded with help from the Seller , I then transported the loaded table to Matlock in Derbyshire
unloaded and with some extra help we carried the slates up a sloping tiered back garden to the Brand new Wooden Cabin that had been built by the buying client .
matlock cabin outside cabin shot
I was very impressed with the Wooden Cabin , in that  a very nice log burner had been installed and once lit I had to take my woolen Jumper off within minutes .
I was informed by the owner that his total spend for the entire cabin with log burner and with carpet and the 10 foot by 5 foot  table installed was all done for a budget of £10.000
I know people who have spent twice that amount on the same quality cabin and table .
My only  improvement would be an annex built on to the end of the cabin to house  a toilet / shower  and a small kitchen , just in case the cabin could be used as a Holiday let later on in life when the house may be sold on to new owners who are not into snooker .
matlock cabin view outlook valley
Looking out from the Cabin you have a very nice view of the Valley coming down from Tansley to the right and towards Matlock to the left , we carried the 5 slates from my van up the tiered Garden to the cabin .
I used to caravan at the top of this Valley at  a Caravan site called Lickpenny , there always seemed to be Birds of Pray circling above this valley , but I did not see any on this occasion .
matlock cabin log burner
With this log burner there is no need to freeze to death playing snooker , a very efficient way of keeping this large cabin warm
matlock cabin inside table shot
And the 10ft by 5ft table now erected ready for play , When I took the table down the firm that supplied the table missed out the adjustable center slate bearers .
I supplied 4 adjustable bearer brackets and two beams to make this table correct , and it installed to a good level , much better than the last firm who had put all sorts of packing to try and level it and then fill over uneven slate joints to hide the faults.
I am not going to name them other than they are based in the west midlands and sell these type of tables  . and it is not the first time I have had to retro fit these adjustable slate bearers to their tables that they supplied and fitted by their own fitter , I have put right around 5 of their supplied tables all with missing slate supports .
the new slate bearers will make sure there is no center slate sagging and balls running inwards from both sides are now eliminated .
I retro fitted the brackets and cut down the beams to fit at the sellers house so that it was ready to go up with no hassle at this end .
matlock cabin oak table side end wood frame
this table is made in china and sold by a number of firms in the UK including Titan and Riley , the firm in The west midlands also sells these and my selling client was told it was made in Birmingham  at their factory ?
I did advertise this table on my web site and it had a good interest from around four buyers looking for a 10ft table  , one enquirer thought it was a Chinese  table made from soft wood  pine and that it was a load of rubbish !
I can inform him it is not rubbish , the table is solid oak and is very heavy wood unlike pine , the table is very well made and just required a better fitment on install rather than the shoddy way it was installed from new .
I am not certain where the table is made in China or who by , but it could be that they are made in the same factory that makes the Star tables as used in professional matches on TV.
matlock cabing pocket opening black ball
one improvement that will require doing is to open up the pocket openings to be wider , they are around 3.3/8ths at one end,  and 3.5 at the other end , our client is no  Ronnie O’Sullivan and will be much better suited to wider pocket openings of around 3.3/4 inch
as you can see there is plenty of rubber left int he corner pockets to improve the pocket to a much wider one and allow more enjoyment from our client and his friends and guests .
We have one very happy client who has now completed his dream of having a nice warm room with a good sized 10ft snooker table to play  on .
I know  there will be a few readers of this Blog look at the wooden Cabin Building and take note of it’s affordability  , and not forgetting the value it put’s on your property as an extra room for little money
I do a few install of tables into  these buildings and this year have done around three installations into log type cabins .
With plenty of full size snooker tables being given away or going for little money , this is one way of fulfilling a dream .