10ft Karnehm and Hillman Snooker table from Scotland to Dagenham Essex, fully reconditioned including repolish

essex cabing finished table setup

I have been very busy this week and also have a full week’s work to do next week, so I had no choice but to work Saturday the 2nd March to fulfill a commitment to fit a 10ft Karnehm and Hillman Snooker table in Essex.

I set off from Long Eaton near Derby at 7 am, arriving at approx 9.30 am in Dagenham Essex approx 140 miles distance from my home.  I was met by the client who helped unload the table from the back of the van to the cabin at the bottom of his Garden.

The client required adjustable muntins (muntins are slate supports) to prevent any future slate warp (sagging in centre).  A K&Hillman table’s muntins do not touch the centre of the slate.  By chopping the original fixed muntins down and notching them to fit the new brackets, the table was ready to assemble.
Adjustable muntins K&hillman
The new adjustable bolt brackets in position
Adjustable muntins K&hillman 2
and the old muntins notched out, cut down slightly to fit the brackets.  Now a simple method of adjusting the muntin (slate support) upwards by the turn of two bolts either end of the woodwork.  This will stop any centre slate sag.
Essex cabing muntin conversion
underneath photo of frame showing that the slate support muntin has been adjusted upwards and is supporting the centre of the slate width, preventing possible slate sag.
Essex Cabin at bottom of Garden
the wood clad cabin at the bottom of the Garden
Essex cabin K&Hillman 10ft
The table roughly level and slates put on.
Essex Cabin polished cappings beeswaxed
The table was a full renovation of re-polish, re-rubber with best Northern Rubber and re-cover in Strachan 6811 Tournament cloth.  The top cushion cappings where treated to a final coat after wire wooling of Beeswax.  Note that the finish is satin and not gloss, this will not reflect the above lighting back into the player’s view when playing.  It also shows the natural wood grain of the mahogany, you may have also noted the wood is not too dark.  I am always weary of very dark wood tables, why hide that beautiful wood grain?  If it is good wood show it!
Essex Cabin K&hillman finish 10ft
The fully repolished table showing legs and frame, note buttons cover the bolts, this is the Karnehm and Hillman style of design.  The white packing toe pieces under the legs are going to be stained black by the owner.
Exxsex Cabin repolished K&Hillman
Side photo of repolished frame – note new hooks and x-rests plus adjustable long cue and butt rest.

I arrived back home at 7 pm, having spent 12 hours traveling and working on site putting this table into its new home.  The table came from near Glasgow in Scotland in November and has been an ongoing renovation, fitting inbetween jobs to fill any slack time up, not that I have had much slack time!

Tthe new owner is delighted with the workmanship.  In November his foundations for the cabin were being laid.  The cabin was completed ahead of schedule, I had a provisional delivery date for the end of February.  I was two days late, but the owner says it was worth the wait, it was just what he wanted.

This table was one that I recommended to our client in November.  It was advertised on ebay, but no takers, so I said keep an eye on the table sale as it is a good make and a rare 10ft which my client was after.  My client was successful in getting the table at a very good price.  He then decided he wanted it fully renovated as new, from a working mens club near Glasgow to a log type cabin at the bottom of a garden in Essex via GCL BILLIARDS, a firm you can trust to carry out this type of work to a high specification.  From source to install this is our speciality.

If you are interested in buying a table please look at our For Sale section, these are tables being advertised at no cost to the buyer or seller, direct from the owner to the buyer.  You agree a price with the seller, then just contact GCL BILLIARDS to carry out any work you may require.  From a simple pick up and deliver and install to full renovation or part renovation or repair.