What to avoid when buying a table like this

Today I have recovered a 9ft table in the Midlands.  I do not want to name the clients as it would be unfair, but I would hope they would like to let other people know the pitfalls of buying a table like this one.  To be fair this table was passed down from within the Family.   The right way of buying a table is to ask a qualified time served billiard fitter for their views of a good, well made table.  Advice is always free at GCL BILLIARDS.

DH table on arrival .

This table was made in the North East in the 1970s/80s.  A lump of wood passed through a moulding machine to make a one piece cushion is not the correct way of making a bespoke billiard table.  I am going to show a few photos of the table in question and explain what is wrong.

DH table blocks off no slips

The above photo shows that the blocks had to be taken off to get at the cloth, which was stapled to the cushion body.  There are no wood slips to take out of the block and the rubber had to come off the blocks to reveal the screws that where situated on the rebate for the rubber.  With a normal cushion you would not have to remove the rubber or the blocks to have the table recovered.  Just easing out a thin slip of wood is the correct way to do it.

The cushions were also just screwed to the under slate lining wood, whereas a proper table would have bolts and nuts inserted into the slate for a good tight fitting cushion, giving 100% rebound of the ball.  Wood screwed on cushions are what you find on an Argos table, not a 9ft slate bed billiard table.

DH Table cracked slate

The slate also had a crack where someone had overtightened the wood slate liner to the underside of the slate.  This wood is for tacking the bed cloth on.

Peradon cushions standard

As a cushion should be made. Three sections with slip rebate on top of block and slide in bolt hide panel.

DH Table finished

above The finished Table

DH table Cushions recoverd

above a completed cushion after glueing the rubber back on and recovered.
DH table 9ft thin slate no bolt holes

Above a Thin slate of this 9ft table, no bolt holes in slate, wood screwed cushions on to lower wood.
and below a side shot of end of cushion showing the one piece moulded cushion.

DH table cushions one piece moulded