We are working away all week at Butlins in Skegness , phone signal is not good please email us for contact, I will answer you when I get back .

We are working away from Home for the next week in butlins at Skegness , my Daughter will be manning the Home phone
but the best way to contact GCL billiards for next week is by Email   c.large@btinternet.com
I will answer you when I get back on Friday , I have around 4 days work at Butlins and one day in Newark on the way back on Friday .
Please be aware we cannot take anymore work on for our run up to Christmas we are fully booked out , so if your enquiry is for work to be done before christmas we cannot take anymore on , we are working 6 days a week to clear it and the odd evening .
Butlins Artscape Budwieser purple and green water
We have 6 american pool tables to re-cover in special printed Art Scape cloth with the budweiser logo on
we also have two normal pub type pool tables to re-cover in the staff Canteen known as the team diner .
Butlins artscape on cushions purple Bud
I take my time in making sure these tables get re-covered correct and are level when we finish
they take some abuse during the season and I have been informed they have been moved to one side and back again by the staff so I am expecting some slate joint damage and re-leveling of the tables due to this
Butlins grass artscape all 6 recovers
Butlins artscape 1
we have re-covered then in different designs in the past , all made possible by Artscape printed Strachan super pro american speed cloth
Next week they will get the Budweiser logo again