We are very busy this week working in Northamptonshire large snooker venue, and two week Holiday coming up .

We are very busy at a large snooker club in northamptonshire , re-covering around 60% of all the table’s in the club in Genuine Strachan 6811 tournament cloth.
due to having to leave early morning and not arriving home until late all emails will have to wait to be answered this weekend ,
we are working flat out to get this main job done and we will not be finished until the middle of next week .I will give a report on this job at the weekend , there is a interesting story about a cowboy fitter that did the work last time with photo’s of his work.

I am sorry that I have had to turn some work away or on hold , but it is first come first served and those that have booked the work in will get the dates we have set a side for that work .
we cannot move work around and let people down.
It is looking like we will be busy right up to the end of July .
It is nice to know we have the work in , but a little breathing space will be much appreciated we are even working Saturdays .
I feel like I am burning a candle from both ends at the moment we are that busy .
burning candle from both ends nude
I will be away for two weeks commencing 30th June until 13th july , on a much deserved two week holiday , so we will be closing the firm down for those two weeks .
I need to recharge my Batteries at our favorite watering hole the Whiskey Jar with Jock and his crew  in Tenerife.