We are away for holidays in November , no orders taken during this time , limited contact until 21st November

Sorry but we always take a two week break in November and we shall be closed for business from the 5th of November until Monday the 21st of November which is our start back date .
We are booked out for the REST of November and parts of December , only a few days are left and we have work pending for these from two multi table recover contracts , but just in case we do not fulfill that work schedule please get in touch for days in December , we may just have the odd one or two become vacant .
2016 has been a very busy year with many of the weeks being a 6 day week some even 7 day weeks .
so you can see why we are due a rest .
My daughter is part manning the telephone while we are away , but email is the best form of contact during these two Holiday weeks .
but please do not expect me to answer from my Holiday , I will get back in touch after the 21st of November .