Watch out for Seconds and Faulty cloth on Re-covering quotes on you’re Snooker Table

We have experienced some rather low prices for re-covering snooker tables , when we quote our price this is for top quality cloth , we do not use seconds or sub standard cloth .
and we send back any major faulty cloth to our supplier if found which is not often as it is quality control checked  .
we have been undercut by as much as £50 on a full size snooker table , now we know how it is done.
They have been using lower priced Sub standard cloth , there is nothing wrong with using this cloth if the Client is informed they are saving the £50 by using this cloth .
But sometimes they are not informed , they think they are getting the same cloth as I am quoting for .
this is the stamp of a good quality one . you can see the blue line in reverse as you are looking at the underside of the cloth . the main stamp transfer with 30 oz Gold tournament , and just under this the roll number line in black which also states 6811 tournament .
steves 3rd recover stamp 6811T
The next photo is of 6811 pool cloth , so watch out for no edging blue lines and just this stamp on snooker tables this cloth should only be used on Pool and smaller snooker tables
You may also note that there is no 30 oz after the 6811 , no gold gold tournament wording .
Sometimes you can get this pool table 6811 stamp used on full width cloth , I have come across this , it does not state pool in any wording , so people can get away with passing it off as Tournament 6811 although they are very carefull and never mention the words Tournament , only 6811 quality cloth , this is what fools you .
well it is a mine field out there as 6811 is a grade and term used on many grades of cloth within the Strachan branding , So if you want to be sure you are getting the best cloth fitted use a reputable firm , there are a few of us out there . and GCL Billiards is one of them .
6811 quality pool cloth
Unless the cloth has the two Blue lines for top quality 6811 tournament cloth with gold embroidery writing along the entire edge  , a transfer stating Gold Tournament , and a roll number which also has the words 6811 Tournament , then it is not top quality .Also look out for the words sub standard written through the main transfer .
I am now for snooker hall use only on normal play tables not the match tables going to stock by special order only  the lower priced cloth , just to be on a level playing field when quoting for such work , I will offer two prices one for Top Quality and one for sub standard when it is available .
It is not available all the time , but when it is I will order it for those who wish to go down this route .

You can also get CLUB 6811 which has red lines in place of blue and the words Club in place of tournament . so for top quality it is Blue lines , for club quality it is Red Lines , there is only around £17 price difference in these cloths so in my opinion fit the blue lines Tournament .
Please take no notice of the staples in the cloth below , this cloth in the photo I am taking off and was fitted by a cowboy fitter , I just use the photo as an example to show what to look for , in this case showing club 6811 cloth , all bed cloths should be fitted with 5/8th tacks not staples .

cooper 6811 gold club 6811 grade

Also look at the following link for some Chinese copy cloth , study the gold woven stitch spelling and type of stitching on the red and blue lines

and this link  for the Genuine strachan cloth branding example .

Copies are out there and customers should take note that some fitters do have access to this cloth , GCL Billiards would never touch Chinese made cloth or worse still try to pass it off as Genuine Strachan cloth .
so there you have it lower prices on the same like for like quote , you have to ask questions and demand to see the cloth stamp plus woven edge serial number etc , and inspect it closely , take a photo of the stamp and the woven edge  if you are not sure and send this off to , I am sure they would be very interested in finding the source of this copy imported cloth .