WANTED 9ft Oak snooker table in good condition.

We have a client who is looking for a nice 9ft Oak snooker Table
The woodwork has to be in good condition and not require any re-polishing or repairs.
We are not too fussed on cloth condition or nets and leathers as these can be replaced on dismantle and installation very easy .
The table has to be very nice to the eye and my client would like to view photo’s and if local inspect the table before purchase.
The type of table he is looking for is something like the following .


9ft enbile torquay pocket opening
his is an Enbild but is an 8ft version , my client requires a 9ft table , please measure the actual slate length and do not add any outside cushion wood to the size.
oak 9ft viceroy cloth draped
I am not too sure he would like a square legged table but one like this may interest him , this one is a Riley Viceroy with deep archways .
9ft riley aristocrat 2900 9ft soveriegn snooker tbale TITAN9ft allianace snooker tbale 4395
another three oak 9ft snooker tables in the style my client is looking for , the table must have three section slate beds and bolted into slate cushions , also the size has to be 9ft  and it must have have 6 legs .
Some more modern 9ft tables have 5 piece slate beds , we prefer 3 section slate beds but will consider a 5 section one if the table is good .

My client is based in Peterborough area , and GCL Billiards are based Nottm/Derby border , so if you are local to us we can come and view.
please measure your table very carefully and make sure it has a 9ft slate bed playing area , remember the cushion rubber block over hangs the slate by 2 inch at each end so if you measure between the nose of the each end cushion then add 4 inch you will have the exact slate length size.
we have been down to Devon to pick up what supposed to be a 9ft only to find it was an 8ft , lucky for us the trip worked out ok , but it could have been an expensive mistake , so please make sure the size is a genuine 9 ft table .