VERY VERY BUSY 2 MONTHS AHEAD …fully booked just about

We have had a mad rush on bookings for snooker and Pool table re-covering
I can’t believe it is only 2 days away and August already where has summer gone ?
well in august we are fully booked out , every day and including working some Saturdays
I start off with a two day job re-rubber and re-cover , then over to Coventry for 3 of our rental site pool tables to re-cover , move a pool table for a private house to another house .
then two more of our own rental pool tables this time in Chilwell and Derby .
and that’s just week one .
Geoff Wales checking level
for the rest of August we have three very large jobs come in , one for a large club in Birmingham area  requiring at a least a week’s work on snooker table work on various tables , a weeks local work on club snooker tables and a bar billiards in Lincoln
bar billiards table

, another week of various small pool and snooker table  jobs before the last weeks work at another large snooker club that I have been doing for the past 4 years .
then September is here and another full month of work is almost in ,
Digital Camera 204
2 large snooker clubs and a set up of three full size tables for a local university and then re-cover them

add to this various private house work and pubs pool tables and we have just three days left in September to fill so be quick if you want them around the 2oth to 22nd .
hunters Bar
one of the Clubs booked in 4 x 9ft sam american pool and 7 Uk pool plus 1 or two snooker tables .
this club only just booked me in time and in fact the order came in today .
cueball pool hall busy
another local Derby Club , one of our clients snooker clubs plenty of UK pool and around 15 full size snooker tables .
a very busy club that was run down 4 years ago , our client has revived it into a thriving well used club .
and most tables require work on them including one re-rubber and cover new nets and leathers .
and around 5 uk pool tables to recover and bring the tables up to a good playing standard for the coming Winter leagues .
Nottingham uni sports hall
this University sports hall building was demolished 18 months ago 3 full size snooker tables taken into store
a new sports centre has been built and the 3 tables have to be put back up out of storage and re-covered in new cloth .
we have another job like this coming up for another sports centre that also went through the same process for a local council .

Panic Stations !
So I am hoping that the phone does not keep ringing for work to come in for the next two months as I do not have many days left to fit you in
2 days of October booked today , it could be that October will soon get booked out .
Please try and book 8 weeks in advance if possible , I know this cannot be the case all the time but we are really popular around the Club and pub circuit and our private work is also taking off , add to this our pub spool table rental  business and you can then see why we are always busy , I do not like turning work away but I just cannot add more days to a month .
we are worth waiting for .
Most of our very regular clients book us well in advance some up to 6 months or year advance to make sure they get us .
I am not asking people to stop phoning but to to be aware of the busy schedule we have booked in , we may be able to fit you in with a bit of juggling and doubling up at the end of a busy the day
we may get a cancellation  , this does not happen much though  or we may have an odd half day or finish a large job a day ahead of schedule due to working longer hours .
K&H wedding van outside house rear view
oll on November , I have a well earned Holiday in Teneriffe booked , then back to work for the pre Christmas Rush of work