Very Rough Orme & Sons Snooker table in Leicester given new lease of life .

Today we have given an old Orme and sons table located in the centre of Leicester a new lease of life
This top of the range in it’s day circa 1910 with walnut veneers over oak and ebony  trim deserves to be looked after .
Around 3 or 4  years ago I worked on an identical table that was fully renovated and sold for £10.000 including installation .
this table would require around £3000 spent on it to be valued at that price . the good news for them is the table that was renovated was in worse condition than this one with half a leg missing !
Our instructions was not to spend a lot of money on the table ,but just to make it playable , so we sourced a second hand bed cloth recovered the cushions with new cloth and replaced the nets and leathers with new one’s.

The table before we fitted a Second hand bed cloth and new cushion cloth plus nets and leathers.
orme in bad state of repairorme bad state pocket opening
The Second hand bed was in really good condition and we rated it a 8/10 for having only 20% use from new and only had one small cue stab nick in it which we sewn up .
orme bad state after sh bed and cushons nets etc
The nets and leathers replaced with ones that at least cover the whole pocket plate , just compare the photo’s from above of the old leathers with gaps between cushion and pocket plate .
orme bad state now good pocket opening
The attractive carved , multi fluted oak legs , makes this table a top of the range table in it’s day , the black wood you see is solid ebony trim , this table was produced around 1910 with thick 2 inch welsh slate which is in very good condition with no chips out of the slate joints , I get tables that we have to scrap most weeks , if this table ever came our way we would never scrap it , the workmanship by Orme on this table is top notch and deserves to be looked after , maybe a complete renovation .
The players who use the table have access for free and no revenue is collected , this is the main reason there was no fund’s for the table to be looked after in the past , I have a had a word with the guy’s and they are keen to look after this table now it is in a playable condition , they hope to raise the funds in two years time collecting a couple of £s per day to raise enough cash  to re-rubber the cushions and re cloth again this time in new cloth , they have promised to at least clean and beeswax the table woodwork in the meantime .
orme bad state attractive leg and walnut sides
I have lost my photo of the carved oak table the same as this that was renovated around 2010 but have managed to find one for sale at Hamiltons exactley the same and the next photo shows the end frame work of that table . Hamiltons only give POA , the table above once had the same colouration as the table below . You can clearly see it is an identical designed table .
orme oak and ebony  end frame