Thurston snooker table sold with in 24 hour’s of going live on GCL billiards for sale blog site.


We had a client who wished to sell for offers around £500 ONLY ! and are happy to inform it sold within hour’s of the advert going live

SOLD to Mark within hour’s of going live on this web site

arranged for dismantle and delivery from GCL billiards , a complete service from table sourced , table dismantled loaded delivered and later date when ready set up .

Thank you for Ellis and his sister Naomi who used our web site to sell their Fathers table for the  house sale and to Mark who used it to source one , this web site works for sourcing tables of all sizes , if you have one for sale or you are looking for one , place an advert for sale or wanted on GCL Billiards Blog web site and get noticed by the snooker community .
We only charge an admin fee of £25 if the table is sold to our client looking for one , and this is to cover time on web site Emailing and phone calls .

if the table is not sold we charge nothing .

REMEMBER if it is not in the shop window nobody will know it is for sale ! and GCL billiards shop window is always being looked in

Our main aim with these adverts is to  quote for the  work of dismantle and transport of table to the new owner and if acceptable carry the work of removal and set up  , this is how GCL Billiards make their profit margin’s .
We have to earn money from our service’s rather than take a commission from the  sale of the table .
You are put in direct contact with buyer and seller , you negotiate a price and we will quote you for any work you may require getting the table moved and  installed in your property by a time served Billiards fitter with 40 years experience .
Radlett thurston side shot left with rack
The table come’s with the ornate lighting and all accessories .
Radlett thurston with fancy light and rack
I know the Market is flooded with snooker tables from just 99p start price on ebay , but in my experience tables built as good as this one do not come along very often  !

The table is in a Private house and has only been subject to personal use , nice chunky turned legs , a little Mahogany wax to put a deeper sheen to the table and it will look the part in any house.  or club .

If anyone requires a quote from  GCL billiards to collect and deliver the table including set up , then please contact Geoff for details of this table and we will put you in touch with the seller and give you a price for the work for removal and set up  on production of your telephone number and post code address , please state if installation is on ground floor ?