Very busy month for November, but we are still taking bookings for work

Looks like we are about to get very busy for the month of November.  Some of the work booked in:

  • 3 re-rubber + re-cover snooker tables.
  • 6 american pool table dismantles, then put back up plus re-cover all 6.
  • 3 local full size snooker re-covers + another re-rubber to match size.
  • 1 total renovation of 10ft snooker table re-polish and re-rubber, nets leathers
  • 3 tables dismantle and load.
  • 1 table move from Nottinghamshire to Lincolnshire.
  • 1 re-cover and one stretch.
  • 1 pool table sold and deliver local.

Plus loading various snooker tables around the UK for their slates to use on a kitchen floor.  It’s a shame but the slate is now worth more in scrap value than trying to sell the table as an item for use on ebay.

Add to this list our special offer of pool table re-cover and re-rubber work which is bringing in regular work now the winter pool leagues have started.  Looks like it’s a 7 day week for the whole of November and thats good news for GCL Billiards and Double8pooltables.

I did say all the work would come at the same time and it always happens just before Christmas.

Many thanks to our clients for entrusting the work to GCL BILLIARDS