Very bad back at the moment all table moves are impossible for me to do at the moment

I have just spent a couple of weeks away  on holiday Lanzarote and my back was playing up before I went .
it got worse on holiday and I spent the almost entire Holiday just sat down in the apartment in pain watching netflix films  .
only getting out the odd day here and there and then by taxi .
I pushed myself too much the 3 weeks before my holiday getting all the work pulled in before I went , and overdid the lifting part of my work .
a couple of those jobs involved very thick heavy billiard slates and one piano lift onto trolley to move to another room while I was on one table fitting .
it is impossible and would be irresponsible for me to lift any slates or pool tables or table moves for the next few weeks .

I will still try and get out there and do the re-clothing of tables .

My answer phone was full when I got back from my two week holiday , it was impossible to return answers to all calls I’m afraid  .
so please get back in touch if you want to discuss work that you require doing .
I need to rest my back up and let it sort itself out , I have been to the doctors with it , and they confirm the same .
Bad backs is a common problem for Billiard table fitters , and after 45 years of fitting heavy tables it has meant a few job’s I cannot do anymore .
we do not do stair work anymore so if a table removal or fitting involve stairs then this cannot be undertaken by GCL billiards anymore .

my Age now and constant wear and tare on joints over the years have caught up with me .
once my back is better , I can resume ground floor to ground floor relocations of billiard / snooker and pool tables .
I have some work booked in for re-clothing and the odd re-rubber to keep me occupied for the next few weeks  .
the worst thing is complete rest , you still have to keep moving , the two weeks I had on Holiday sat in a chair most of the time has done me no favors ,
but the pain was very acute and the creams you get to rub on to take back pain away did not work , and neither did the pain killers I took every two hours .
I still plan to work full time for the next three years and need to look at each job to see if it is safe to do for my back  , and then go part time after that , Billiard fitters never seem to fully retire .
I have years of experience and I am rated by many clients new and old , I am worth waiting for even if it means a couple or more weeks until I can fit you in .
I am also rated as a Hainsworth fit list approved fitter , only a few vetted fitters get to be on that list .
I am looking now to do more work closer to Home , but will take on the odd table move and overnight stop over  .

Thankyou for your understanding at this time of Back  Injury .

Geoff Large
NBSA approved Billiards fitter .
Hainsworth fit list approved Cue sports fitter .