Varied Snooker and Pool table work for the months of April and May

I have not been adding the work schedule to the Blog recently , March was a busy month and this has carried on into April and looks like May is going to be just as busy , due to a little illness
illness cartoon sick

this has resulted in me playing catch up and a few saturdays had to be worked to pull the work back on schedule .
We have had enquiries for table relocations not only for ourselves but for other cue sports firms that use us for the Full size snooker table relocations .
It is Easter this weekend and I have promised myself a 4 day break .
We have full size snooker table  recover work to do in Nottinghamshire / Leicestershire/ Lincolnshire /Derbyshire  and Staffordshire.
Pool table work to do all around the East and west midlands. Table relocations from sheffield to Oxford , and Nottingham to Derbyshire , we have two large snooker clubs requiring us to carry out renovations of many cue sports tables in the next 6 weeks in Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire.
rex 2
Above one table we relocated this week
I am not saying we have no spare days , we always do , but these tend to get work scheduled for them as the month passes , they get filled up .
so if you require work doing on your cue sports table from re-cover / re-rubber , or any maintenance  or table move .
Contact Geoff or Carol on email ………..  or phone 07753466064 ,
we also have a home number 01159725355 , but as we are in the field working most days the mobile is the best option to contact Geoff direct .


Selling a snooker table? please use our free advertisement page on our website.

***But Please take note of the following advice.
One piece of advice for anyone who is selling a house , if the table has to be sold , do not leave it until the last few weeks to try and sell it , if you require money for it , then advertise as soon as you know you are putting your house on the market .
Last week we got a phone call from a person who had advertised their table right at the last moment , only two weeks before contracts where signed , they advertised the table on our web site free of charge , as the last day came and no sale , they emailed me expecting me to buy it but we do not buy tables we only move them , then they emailed saying I could collect for free , this was at 3pm , they said the table had to be out by that night or they where leaving it for the new home owner ! and the table was over 2 hours traveling away . to organise a van and two men and to get up there load and back then unload we would have been well into the early hours of the morning in getting back
I suspect the table had to be out because the new owner did not require it and they knew it would cost money to get rid of it quick , the old home owner tried to pull one over on me by saying I could have it for free as they wanted to get rid of the table without paying for that days wages for two fitters and a van plus miles .
We did not take them up on their offer as it really does cost us money to take a table away ! we are not Bandits trying to make a quick buck , we charge what it costs us to remove a table in wages and van use, we do not resell a table we scrap them if we cannot store them, Slates are delivered to a reclaim yard , if the wood is of good use this also is put to recycling , if low quality wood it ends up in a log burner . But there are exceptions if we find that the table is a really nice one and too good to scrap we try and make an effort to store it , and I use a third party investor with storage space for this , who would split the sale of any table in the future for use of the storage . but the table has to be exceptional for us to do this
I must point out that the table mentioned above would have been no use to GCL Billiards , you need time to sell a table and space to store it , and it cost’s us around £275 + miles charge to collect a table in wages and van use .
We actually charge £275 to take a table away  , we then scrap it as we have no use for it and we do not wish to incur storage charges for it .
£275 is such a low charge if it ends up contracts will not be signed for a house worth £000s , and the only obstacle is that snooker table has to be removed from the house before signing of contracts  , then £275 is not such a bad option to make sure contracts are exchanged .
van igor loaded inside cargo
Rear view of van Igor