Titan 6ft snooker table , not so good cushion fixings on this type of table

I have been over to Rugby to re-cover a 6ft Titan snooker table
this table was made in china and branded Titan here in the UK.
there was a problem with the cushions being loose on this type of table and here are a few photo’s to show why you should be very wary of chinese made tables
Titan 6ft bad bolt fixing
This is a bolt nut insert on the underside of the cushion , a bolt is passed through the slate and the cushion is supposed to clamp down onto the slate on each edge
the problem was these inserts just unscrewed out when tightening the cushions down to the slate bed , it is not a good design and you fine this type of fixing more on American pool tables rather than snooker /Billiard tables
titan 6ft finished level on
I did manage to tighten them up a bit and this is the finished table
I informed my client to make holes in the outer edge and wood screw the cushions on using large screws with brass cups , this will improve the bounce
I can see the under bolts coming loose as the ball hits the cushions , it is a terrible design flaw on this type of table
if you require advice on buying a table look through my reports and see what to avoid , this type of table is one of those that you should avoid because of the faulty bolt fixings
apart fromt that is was ok really .