Another 9ft NOW SOLD

NOW SOLD being moved by GCL Billiards Tuesday 18th june . please look at the other 3/4 sized snooker tables for sale direct from the owners on GCL Billiards blog site .

Just as I have advertised one 9ft , I get a phone call about another that is local to Lincoln /Grantham at Welbourn in a large country house .
The table top alone is very well made and would have cost a considerable amount ,
welbourne 9ft
Both the 9fts have their merits, this one having an oversized dining top fitted to allow for under knee space when on a chair.  But make and age  I am uncertain of?  I was told by the seller it was a 5 section slate which is unusual for a 9ft table and I think I may have set up a table the same design as this around two years ago, an Allied Billiards made table which was also a 9ft and had 5 slates on it.

.welbourne 9ft 2
As can be seen another table in good order, this one with 6 turned legs with all equipment shown plus a score board.
welbourne 9ft 3
We have four 9ft Snooker tables in our for sale section at the moment, probably more choice than some billiard firms have in stock and all direct from the seller.  All are private sales and all are priced around the same price.  Why not look at the tables and make a choice of which is the right table for you.

If you require further information on the tables then please get in touch with Geoff who will give you his personal feelings about each table, but I will say this NONE of the 9ft tables are bad tables.  Some are better than others only because of condition of say cloth, rubber and polish.  But they are all sound tables for sale direct from the client without any middle men’s fees or commisions.  So a great way to purchase a table.

GCL Billiards advertise these tables free of charge and in return we just hope you use us to move the tables and any future re-cover work or other maintenance you may require.  We are only in this for continuation of work, it all helps and by providing this free service.  It helps the seller as well as GCL Billiards.
welbourne 9ft 4