Nottingham Snooker Academy 2nd table refurbishment completed

academy logo nottingham

Over to Nottingham Snooker Academy today to re-cover plus new nets and leathers on the 2nd table in the schedule of 4 visits in as many months.
nottm academy 2nd table with action
Another John Gent manufactured table circa 1920s, on this one the rubber is ok, so only requires a re-cover in Strachan 6811 Tournament 30z cloth, plus the fitting of new nets and leathers.

You may note the electrician has fitted single twin light units above the tables, this was an oversight by him and is being rectified with the addition of a further unit.  This will extend the length of lighting per table to 10 feet.
nottm academy 2nd table done
The player on the far table is getting some valuable practice time in.  The foreground table was the one re-covered today.  This one has larger pocket openings than the previous table, 3 5/8ths at the slate fall, rather than the match 3.5 inch at the slate fall.  This will enable the not so skilled players out there to build confidence.  I once told a young 17 year old player from Kirkby in Ashfield around 1983 he would never make it as a pro playing on 4 inch bucket pockets.  That young player was Gary Wilkinson and I think he was once ranked no. 5 in the world, so I never make the mistake now of informing players they will never make it on large pocket openings.  It builds confidence and self belief with good breaks.  Every club should have some tables with pro-sized pockets and others with club size before moving onto the more skilled stage.

Barry stark coaching Nottingham academy
Barry Stark showing just how you should hold the cue.  Barry is the resident snooker coach at the Nottingham Academy.  It is early days but soon there will be more youngsters coming through on the Nottingham (and hopefully world) snooker scene.  Nottingham has always been a hotbed for local snooker talent and let’s hope that continues.  With the Snooker Academy coming to fruition, at least they have a spring board to get into the sport and with Barry, an excellent coach.