GCL Billiards are that busy I am taking work home with me for weekend work. 9ft Oak Riley cushion re-rubber

We are that booked up for the month of May that I have weekend homework to pull in too.

I am back in Lincolnshire next week doing some work and I took some cushions home with me to save time on the job.  A 9ft Riley Oak table that requires re-cover, re-rubber, new nets, leathers and rails and supply one of the new pro lighting units.

Here are a few photos of the re-rubber on the cushions:

oak 9ft woodhall spa rubber before cutt
Oak 9ft re-rubber woodhall spa
oak 9ft woodhall spa pocket cutt

Next week a table to bring in on Monday, then a local re-rubber/re-cover, nets, leathers etc.  Then over to Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire and on Friday I’ll be in Oxford setting up another 9ft, this one a George Wright.