A couple of pool tables to start the week off, glue overspray on top of slate and the Adam and Eve the best pool table in Wragby Town to play pool ?

Started off in Nottingham with a pool table in a log cabin.  It was the table’s first recover since the owner bought the table from new.  I was amazed at the amount of glue overspray on top of the slate, which to me is a rushed job of the first recover in the FACTORY ?

I had to clean off all this glue cloth overspray, otherwise it would make the ball roll off especially where it was really thick around the pockets.  I know if the pool table manufacturer’s boss knew this had been done, he would not be happy with the person on the production line doing the work.  I cleaned all the slate off before I put a new Strachan 6811 Tournament cloth on it.

One reason I do not use spray on glue, it goes all over the place including ball runs.  I always use a comb to spread contact adhesive to slate and cloth.
overspray glue on pool slate

I then moved onto Wragby in Lincolnshire, the new Landlord of the Adam and Eve Pub required a re-cover in speed cloth on his Elite made table.  The cushions were a bit tired, but managed to get them done this time and will custom make him a new set on the next recover.  The cloth of choice was the Super pro speed cloth in olive green.  The table was very good for level.

The landlord also bought a set of new standard pool balls, a fitted dust cover and cleaner spray for the cloth.  He also ordered a new set of Premier Match balls to be dropped off next week.

They are a very keen bunch of pool players in Wragby and the Adam and Eve must have the best table in town now.
wragby finished pool speed cloth