New American pool venue in Alfreton opening soon

This week we have been moving Sam 9ft american pool tables from an old Rileys that had shut down in Mansfield to a new venue in Alfreton for american pool.  There is already a snooker club in Alfreton so it was decided that a differant cue sports venue in american pool and uk pool was the way to go.  We had previously installed 4 Winner Supreme Pool tables in this venue and today we installed 2 x 9ft Sam american pool tables.

The tables are upstairs but there is a lift.
alfreton sam pool tables
Two Sam 9ft tables one in purple and the other in burgandy red.  These tables retail at £4,497, expensive but they are the best.  The owners of the establishment picked the tables up at a very good price and they are a new add-on to a well run establishment, which also has many more leisure faclities that are used by the local community.
alfreton sam poll burgandy
Our instructions were to dismantle on site in Mansfield, remove from premises and transport via removals approx 10 miles up the road to Alftreton.  Then re-erect upstairs using lift and re-cover in new American speed cloth.
Alfreton sam pool 4 more to go in
Space for the other 4 tables still to install, as you can see plenty of cue room and space for the tables.  With a little help in decor such as photos and art work plus lighting, the room (which has a bar next door to it through double doors) will be a big hit in Alfreton.  American pool is one of those games that females, as well as males, enjoy.  A quick game unlike snooker, so really a game for anyone to play.

The pool hall side of this business is due to open in one month.  Keep a look out on here for more details.