Michael Holt gives free time to LE.S&S. snooker league presentataion night at Stapleford Cue Club

presenation LESS league

With professionals demanding good appearance money for exhibitions it was refreshing to see local pro snooker player Michael Holt give some free time back to the local snooker players in the form of a presentaion evening at Stapleford Cue Club for the Long Eaton Stapleford & Sandicacre Snooker League.

The night, I have been told, was a huge success and the league set up with new comittee for this past season  with the aim to  attract more local cue sports people to try their hand at league snooker has been given the thumbs up by local players.
Michael holt.
I am sure Adam, Steve and Jed would welcome any new players to come over to Stapleford Cue Club to try their skills on the tables and discuss playing for one of the many teams in the league.  I have added two links one for stapleford cue club and the other for the new committee run  LE.S. & S Snooker League:

http://less.leaguerepublic.com/l/league/765163148.html LE.S.S snooker league
http://www.staplefordcueclub.com/ Stapleford cue club

They are also listed on Facebook.
Cue club match table
The Match table at Stapleford Cue Club with the new soft white pro lighting, maintained by GCL BILLIARDS.

GCL Billiards was happy to contribute by the way of sponsorship, towards the presentation evening.