Re baize Pool table and snooker table in Nottingham , Derby , Lincoln , Newark , Leicester .

Not all tables are the modern type that we undertake to recover , many tables from the 1970s/80s are still going strong in pubs and clubs , plus private houses .

Many people use the word Baize to describe  the cloth on cue sports tables , this in fact is wrong as the cloth is simply called napped Billiard Cloth , Baize is a cloth that is put on notice boards or card tables .

Although many call the cloth used on snooker and pool tables baize and in dictionary’s it also refers to snooker or billiard cloth as being baize ,
Also in the dictionary it also states that snooker is played on a snooker table , but in fact there is no such thing as a snooker table as it was Billiards that was first played and so they should be refered as BILLIARD TABLES , and you play the game of snooker on a billiard table . nothing has changed in the design from a billiard table apart from pocket plates and cushions over the years , apart from that the design is a billiard table .
But as many now refer to them as snooker tables the wording has stuck , so we now call them Snooker tables . and so it is the same with the cloth many people refer to it as Baize.

The word baize often used to describe cue sports cloth is just a metonymy which means it is a thing or a concept not called by its real name . look at the link for the manufacturers description , you will note they state Billiard cloth and not billiard baize.

This week I had a lady phone me up and ask me to RE BAISE her pool table which was badly faded from sun light .

At GCL Billiards we aim to prolong the lifespan of the older tables ,just like this Hazel Grove superleague which is still in remarkable conditon cabinet wise , the table is located in a conservatory and the cloth is faded to almost yellow creamy white .
The clients bought the table many years ago second hand for their sons 18th Birthday and he is in his 30s now .
after a Re-cover in Strachan cloth the table looks almost new . the hazel grove Super league was the rolls royce of pool tables during the 70s and 80s , they are still manufactured today as a traditional turned leg cabinet design .