Another case of bad cushions fitted to a pool table and GCL Billiards sort it out!

Today (Saturday) I have been over to Leicester to re-cover a 6ft Supreme Prince pool table.  The client bought the table from a Manchester based ebay seller who refurbish tables.

On stripping down the table I found that the cushion rubbers were different to each other.  This set of cushions were a miss match from other tables, just put together to make a sale without having to renew the rubber.  There was a mixture of black and red rubber on this table.  The client was complaining that the cushions were not responding and that at least one had almost no rebound value.  Also one end cushion woodwork was crumbling.

This was a case of taking the cushions back to our workshop and totally renewing the rubber and fixing the crumbling cushion.  With new rubber fitted and woodwork made good, the table was then re-covered using genuine Strachan pool cloth.

GCL BILLIARDS WILL NEVER BODGE IT AND SCARPER.  We always do the job right, unlike the person who sold this table to our new client.  We had to make two trips to put this table right, returning the cushions on Sunday!

And we didn’t charge the client any extra and that’s because we want repeat custom.  The next time this table comes up for any work, I am sure GCL Billiards will be contacted as the cue sports firm of choice, because we care about our reputation.
Clip Art Graphic of a Billiards Eight Ball Cartoon Character
This experience should be a warning to anyone looking to buy a second hand pool table, always ask about cushions and try the table out to see if there are any dead cushions.  The table came in at £395 + delivery when bought off ebay, but add a £185 for Strachan quality cloth re-cover and a new set of rubber fitted and shaped at £80 and the total paid will come over £660.  Just a little more and the client could have bought a brand new table.

Another thing to look out for is fitters arriving to re-cover a table with cushions already covered and ready to fit.  They take your good cushions away only to leave you with bad cushions.  Always on a re-cover insist they recover your cushions and refit them.  GCL Billiards always re-cover the client’s own cushions.  We only swop cushions over if they require renewing with new rubber or total new cushions from the manufacturer of the table.  We then have cushions in stock for such a change over, but always leave one uncovered for the client to inspect that it is new rubber.  I also stamp every cushion that we re-rubber with a GCL Billiards stamp and date it.
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