Carom Billiard table ( No pockets) part dismantle and set back up in Burton on Trent

Today I have been over to Burton on Trent to move a Carom table.  For those who do not know what one is then take look at the photos.

Carom tables have no pockets to them, a game that is most commonly played on the Carom table is three cushion billiards.  The object of three cushion billiards is to hit the cue ball onto an object ball.  The ball must then rebound off three cushions before striking the third ball on the Carom Table.  Some also call these Carom Tables continental billiards.

Our job today was to part dismantle, take slates out of room, move frame to one side and take up small old rug, replace with a large rug, centralize the rug and replace the Carom Table back under the lights, level and ready for play.

Take a look at the following photo’s in sequence to see how we did it.  The Carom table has some under slate heating elements that we where keen not to disturb.
Carom 9ft x 5ft before take down Carom with cloth off Carom with one slate off heaters Carom heater elementsCarom to one side new rug down
Carom slates f
Carom finished table back in position
You may notice that the bed is now much more Green than the faded cloth we started with.  This is because we turned the bed cloth over on this napless worsted cloth.  The Lady of the House is delighted that the job went all to plan and no damage or mess was made by us.

To be honest with you, this is the first Carom table that I have taken apart in 38 years of billiards fitting.  They are a little different than normal GB made tables and the cushions require some extra training for me to re-cover in the future.  I was not keen to re-cover the table on this strip down, but may take the job on in the future if I can get a little more guidance to do the corner angle.  As the frame does not come apart, the pocket less corners would be very tricky to do, but with my 38 years billiard fitting experience I am not afraid to have a go.  We have advised that they get the Dutch manufacturer’s agent in the UK to recover it as this is the best option and if possible I will offer my services to help for the extra experience.

For a much more informative look at the games played on a Carom table look at this site.

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