The Snooker forum , I would advise you to join .

I have for a few years ( from august 2007 ) contributed to the snooker forum , the link is

If you join this forum you can read most of my posts under the FORUM section and look under TABLES section down the list , I have answered many questions regarding Billiard Tables my name on there that I post under is my own name Geoff Large , I get questions from all over the world on the subject of type’s of tables and history etc from , France / Germany / Spain / USA / Canada / China and Thailand / Australia / Bulgaria / latvia even Dubai to name just a few countries . but mostly here in the UK. , also questions about buying a table what to look for , lighting , heating , Room size etc .

another name to look out for on there is an historian he uses the name 100-uper , I not only give information but also learn about subjects regarding Snooker /billiards and pool that I have not heard before , I think it is impossible in life to know the entire subject about billiard tables , I am always learning , take Dave Gibsons lazor ball ramp , I have never seen one of those before . and 100-uper has knowledge about  the history of firms and dateing tables etc , he has a vast collection of Books advertisements and photo’s etc .

I have struck up a common friendship also with other Billiard table fitters that also contribute to the snooker forum , so if you have a night to read through the snooker forum under tables section , I am sure you will find it an interesting read .

Just sign up , it’s free