8ft x 4ft solid oak snooker table …TABLE NOW RESERVED BY BUYER.,

TABLE HAS NOW BEEN RESERVED ! so taken off sale .

Due to a mix up in size of table (size provided by the seller who mistook it for a 9ft), the Enbild 8ft x4ft table is back up for sale, but this time it is not located down south but in our workshop dismantled and bubble wrapped ready for delivery with all parts present and correct.

The original buyer requires an oak 9ft table, so we are looking around for one.  Unfortunately they did not want to cut corners and come down to an 8ft as they have space for a 9ft, which I fully understand.  They thought they were buying a 9ft and when we arrived to take the table down we found it was an 8ft table, so the deal fell through.  But we had travelled all the way down to Torquay in Devon to pick this table up for the buyer, so we did a deal with the seller which resulted in us bringing the table back to our workshop for sale.

The mix up was not the fault of the buyer and the seller has been good about it to GCL Billiards as they admitted the fault in the measurements.

This table will make an ideal Christmas present, and the build quality is second to none.  Where would you find another built so solid out of solid hard woods with hand floated slates ?

8ft snooker tables built with 6 legs to this standard are very thin on the ground.  The slate support muntin’s also come up to meet the slate which is a very good feature as you will not get slate sagging.

Interested ? contact Geoff on 07753466064 or email c.large@btinternet.com

Enbild were a Billiards firm based in Liverpool and made good solid tables in Oak and Mahogany.  They were well known for hand floating every set of slates that came in from Italy.

This table is the better solid oak wood finish.  The legs are extremely heavy, and are very chunky with a large turn to them.  There is a matching scoreboard and a wall cue rack also in oak, and a nice wood canopy lighting shade in gold finish.
9ft enbile torquay pocket opening
GCL Billiards are now the owners of this table, and you will be buying direct from GCL Billiards.
The table can be bought as it is collected from NG10 near Nottingham with original cloth, or with a full recover in Strachan 6811 cloth delivered and set up.

The table will come with 6 cues and three rests.  The table has some second hand balls with it for snooker and for pool.  The snooker set is full sized balls.
Room Size for this table, ideal 18ft by 14ft is required with a full size cue.  If you used the smaller 4ft cue then 14ft by 12ft.  Of course you could have a very long room with 18ft width and place this at one end sideways and still have plenty of room for other use.
9ft enbild torquay rack full of cues
Above the nice matching scoreboard .
The colour of the table is light golden oak which would suit many modern homes which have oak embellishments such as skirting windows or doors plus oak beams
The above photos do not show the true colour so we have better close up shot
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
The leg design on this Enbild makes it the top model Grand duke.  Apart from the odd ding this table’s woodwork is almost as new, it has only seen very light use, although the cloth has very deep cue stab marks in so the table ideally should have a new cloth on bed and cushions.

The rubber bounce is fine.  We have the ball hitting seven cushions on throw around and 4 to 5 runs on up and down run when thrown too.
The table has had home use since the 1980s/90s, there is a supplying firm based in Liskeard Cornwall.

We are a little out of pocket due to our trip down to Devon, which is why we have ended up owning the table.  Please get in touch with Geoff at GCL Billiards to discuss what type of sale you would require.  Price will depend on how much work we have to put into the table, delivery and set up costs.  We require your post code and if any stairs are involved in the install process of getting this table relocated and set up.

We are willing to sit on this table for a while so if you require it for say a Christmas present, we can hold on to it complete the cushion recovering and deliver say a few days before Christmas or a Birthday ?

You will not find better build quality for made in the UK table, at the price we are prepared to sell this table at.

Phone around the top UK makers to see what a 6 legged table built to this spec would cost you.  The price for a 8ft to 9ft would be approx. the same.  Then phone Geoff to see what you can have this table for.  Not many 8ft snooker tables with 6 legs come onto the market in solid oak under £4,000 custom built most are 4 legs at £2995 and I doubt you will see  another one with these thick sized turned legs.

*** please note *** This table has a three section slate bed with proper bolt into slate cushion fixings, unlike many 8ft tables that just wood screwed fixings of cushion with bad bounce and thin one piece slate beds.  Although we do not recommend upstairs locations for this table, with it having a three section slate bed it is much easier to locate upstairs than a one piece 8ft slate bed table.

Also note it has 6 legs, some 8ft tables are built with just 4 corner legs, result is a sagging slate bed towards the middle, the span of 8ft is just too much to not have centre legs to support it.

A 4 leg table is not as good buy as a 6 legged table and that is fact known from experience of working on snooker tables for nearly 40 years.  Take a look at the photo below, it looks good ?

In reality this table over time will sag down in the centre as the heavy slate deforms the side wood rails downwards. This table is a low cost Chinese Riley copy …… our Enbild 8ft is a much better buy.
8ft with 4 legs

Do not be tempted by low cost buys such as this table ! unless you know what you are buying .

8ft table 4 legs square

Just for comparison this 8ft with 4 square legs but fancy veneer is £2995 brand new by a top UK manufacturing billiards firm.  We think our Enbild 6 legged 8ft is a better buy than this and our low price including fitting will amaze you !

Still interested ?  Then don’t delay we expect to sell the table by Christmas, be the first to reserve it.