Supreme Winner Pool table from wreck to refurbished for League pool in Hucknall Nottingham

We have just refurbished a 7×4 Supreme Winner pool table in Hucknall , this table had a loose top and gaps under the cushions , the back hinge side was making a rattle sound as a ball rebounded against the cushion , and the rubber was unresponsive , on strip down we found the hinge was loose , the slate cross supports where coming apart from the side of the table , the rubber was the old original red rubber which was dry and hard .

photo showing strips of cloth added for slate uplift .
Supreme Hucknall cloth uplift

We set about repairing the cross members by re-glueing and screwing the block supports back to the side of the table, this we did by using a ratchet strap to pull the sides of the table together , while the glue was drying we set about the recover in 6811 Strachan cloth , as we stripped the cushions down we found that the old red rubber was going hard , this was the reason there was no bounce in the cushion , we replaced the cushions with a new set of Supreme cushions with Black rubber , these will now give a good rebound to the cushions and play just like a brand new table .

photo below of new Supreme black rubber  cushions with one of the old cushions showing the old red rubber
supreme hucknall new cushions fitted old red rubber

we then attached strips of cloth to the under slate supports to raise the slate that 1/16th so that the gap between the cushion and the slate was gone .this will also make the table play much better . the hinges where screwed back up tight and the top surround is now much better .
This table went from a Wreck to one that can now be used in league Pool , the team are highly delighted with the table now it is playing well .

With the best quality 6811 Strachan cloth , the new Supreme cushions , and level , NO gaps between slate and cushions , and tight hinges ,  the finished table below.

supreme hucknall uplift finished table
Supreme Hucknall level