Strachan SuperPro Worsted speed cloth fitted to a DPT table in Nottinghamshire

Just been over to Bingham in Nottinghamshire to re-cover a home play DPT  brand manufactured 7×4 pool table.  This cloth is extremely hard wearing and is just what the owner of the pool table requires as he has some very young children using the table.

This speed cloth is more durable than the wool napped cloth and is used mainly on american pool tables, but we do get UK pool table owners and players asking for it.

This cloth costs more to buy in and is around £20 more expensive than the wool napped cloth.  You can expect to pay around £185 for a 6×3 or 7×4 pool table re-covered in this cloth.

Also note the new cover we supplied.  This is a good quality fitted Peradon cover and costs £21 to buy at the same time as a re-cover.   Please ask for one to be supplied at the same time as you book us for a re-cover.
super pro speed cloth