Strachan 6811 lightweight cloth ( 29oz) is unavailable at the moment due to technical issues with manufacture and withdrawal of product ?

I have been trying to replenish my stock of Strachan lightweight cloth ,  I was informed  it was around the 29 oz weight a slightly closer shaved finer napped cloth of the standard 30 oz version for a quicker speed of ball over the bed cloth .
but it looks like they have stopped production of it for the time being .
I normally  only fit 30 oz weighted 6811 tournament Strachan cloth as my most supplied and fitted cloth , but was introduced to the lighter weight cloth last year by Peradon my UK stockist when they where short of the 30 oz stock as an alternative , and I had some very good feedback on this weight of cloth , which was supplied extra wide for some reason ?
I decided to try it out at a club in the West Midlands area .

as you can read about here

Enough for me to start recommending it to my clients with the slightly thicker 30 oz cloth fitted to the cushions .
I used my last two bed cloths this week in Sleaford Lincolnshire , and tried to get some more in for a job I have on next week that I promised to recover in this lightweight cloth .
I was told it is unavailable from the mills ?
I had the unfortunate experience of phoning my client today and informing him that I could not get the lighter weight cloth anymore , he was not pleased as he has been waiting 7 weeks for me to become available for next week , he declined the 30 oz cloth , and I only stock the No 10 match cloth to order due to it being much more expensive .
so it looks like I have either lost one of my clients or we may be able to rearrange another day for a re-cover in a match cloth at an increased price due to it being an expensive cloth to buy , or fit Hainsworth match also an expensive cloth  before my Holiday in two weeks time .
Some times things are beyond my control .
I do not manufacture the cloth and I am in the hands of my supplier , I always keep a good stock of the Strachan 6811 Tournament 30 oz in stock and also have a stand by wholesaler if Peradon cannot supply , sadly neither can supply me with the 29 oz lightweight version for next Monday .
I was phoning around right up to Saturday morning trying to find a 29 oz lightweight bed cloth but to no avail .

***** 22nd June 2017 ***** Follow up I have made contact direct with WSP Textiles this morning who manufacture the Strachan cloth in Stroud in the west country .
and the good news is they have sorted the manufacturing issues of the 29 oz cloth and have started production back up ,Hopefully by Mid June production will have caught up to demand .
and once back from my holidays I can get it into stock again .