Still awaiting confirmation we can do certain work that is less a risk for covid 19

We are still observing Government advice and abiding the stay at home rule .
although some rooms that are totally isolated like a club that has been shut for the last 6 or 7 weeks is not going to be a risk .
Looking at what is happening I think June 20th is going to be around the time we can restart some of the work as that will be the 3 month lock down that the government initially stated was going to be the case , but I know this will not be without risk .
The risk being I have to trust people that they are Corna19 virus free like myself , and have had not contact with anyone who has , and also that the room is isolated for me to work in alone
also that hand washing and sterilisation sprays are available on site to cleanse the table I am working on and to keep my hands clean .
Please keep tuned to this web site for further statements on this .

As for dismantling and moving cue sports tables  , I have to make sure the people I work with are not carriers or have been mixing with high risk workers .
This type of work will be harder for me to fit in at the moment
and I cannot see when this will restart in the near future as the risks are far higher doing this type of work rather than just a one man re-cloth work .

it is impossible to not work closely with other people when fitting a cue sports table .
The heavy slates for instance would put me side by side when handling with other people.