Snooker Table Dismantle and Move A complete Professional service by qualified Billiards fitter and team.

We are experts in the relocation of Snooker tables , we move tables on a regular basis throughout the year and have many satisfied clients .
Do you have a table upstairs or in a basement location , we have moved Full size tables that are in difficult places to remove , or install into a room .
We have special trolleys to wheel slates and also a slate slide to get them downstairs , we also have lifting straps for up to 6 men to lift slates off a Slate trolley at the base of a set of stairs to a Slate trolley at the top of the stairs .
We have wraps to place around stair rails to protect them , and also a slide carpet to go over the stairs to protect from the slate slide .
Sometimes it may be possible to use a local crane hire , like this example in France to lift slates up to an opening in a Barn conversion , A Manitou fork lift borrowed from a local farmer and was on site ready for when we arrived , this was planning well in advance .
and came about because we talk about the install and like to see photo’s of where it is going way before we do the work .
slate in basement lowering in
Or even this example of using a crane that was already on site to lift the slates into the basement before capping with the floor area , the customer in this case even built his own slate rack to strap the slates to .
and another example of getting the heavy slates upstairs , many hands make light work as they say , and this client to keep costs low just employed a fitter ( myself)  and used his own 5 man team to lift the slates upstairs with myself making the 6th man .
These slates had another set of stairs to go up as the table was being set up in an attic room . Believe it or not one of this team was a woman she is just out of sight on the other side of the slate in the middle . she was strong though ! it really is a story of many hands make light work though and it is not as bad as the photo looks . all the slates where up within 45 minutes and all lifted up by hand and I provided all the lifting straps for this job , so no need to worry about equipment to find to get the table upstairs even if you do supply the extra men. I  am not saying we cannot supply the men , it was just that this client required a lower priced option by supplying the extra 4 men and 1 Woman !
clitheroe frame up level slates in back
Another table that was in an upstairs location in a Factory unit , this time the client  had the table lifted up by forklift that can be purchased if you shop @ Forklift Safety Solutions, and the table was as you see it when I arrived to finish the work off .
van igor loaded inside cargo
a full size snooker table loaded onto the van , all woodwork is blanket wrapped for the move and relocation , but if you are just having the table taken into store then for an extra charge we can bubble wrap all the woodwork to help keep damp out if say you are storing in a Garage that is unheated , note one of our sets of piano wheels at the back of the van that we use to trolley the slate on level ground .
re 6 on van slates
another table just being loaded , again we make sure the polished woodwork is well wrapped to protect during the Move and relocation .
note our slate slide to the right with a blue ratchet strap , we use this to slide a slate downstairs using a strip of old carpet to protect the stairs , we only require three men for this type of removal of slates rather than 6 men to get them upstairs .
If you have a table upstairs we may ask you to send us a photo to show the stairs that we have to take the slate s down or up . we like to know exactly what we are up against before we take the work on , any firm that just shows up then starts to moan about the stairs is unprofessional , it shows our professionalism in the art of Snooker table removals that we ask so many questions .
jonills removals van
STORAGE ,   if you cannot store your own table may we offer you an alternative ?
we have a large DRY storage area that our very good friends Jonills Removals offer our clients , we do not charge any middle men fees for storage we let you pay for storage direct to Jonills Removals  in Nottingham rather than take a percentage
And if you are moving house we can also work alongside Jonills in the removal of your snooker table at the same time as your House move , not many billiards firms can offer this all in service !
I have worked for many years with Dave at Jonills , removing tables at the same time as he moves the house , so if you required an all in quote of house contents and snooker table removal and set up at new property we can get together to work the best price out for you .

No fitter likes to lift slate upstairs , but we have to take the rough as well as the smooth work as they say .
If there are enough people on site to help get the slate upstairs then getting them up is not a problem for us.
if fork lifts and cranes can be used then go for this every time , but that is not always possible , and I would say it is very rare to get such machinery close by at the same time as an install upstairs.
above I have given you an insight of what it takes to get tables up or down stairs , I am glad to say most snooker tables are located on the ground floor and most of our table removals are straight forward and just a two man job if both locations are ground floor with solid ground and good access or a lift is available for getting slate  upstairs , but by showing you these examples it shows that GCL Billiards do have the Professional experience to tackle such work .
all above photo’s are on examples I have actually worked on , I do have many more photo’s too but I think I have put enough on to show what we do in our every day work as a billiards fitter.
In March I have a job to take 3 full size snooker tables downstairs for storage on site , this will be one of many job’s we take on throughout the year , if you have a table that requires moving by Professionals then please contact Geoff at GCL Billiards on 07753466064 or email at

viceroy finished table light oak
and what a table looks like after re-locating and set up .
a very nice Riley Viceroy in oak  .