Snooker and Pool table recovering in Northampton and Wellingborough , also wedged beer mat under slates on pool tables DO NOT DO THIS !

We have been over to Coopers Snooker and Pool club in Wellingborough
The work we have just completed
“full size snooker tables recovered in Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth
coopers snooker area up two re-covers 0ct 2015
and three 7×4 Supreme winner pool tables also recovered in Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth
Coopers pool area 10 tables 3 re-covered Oct 15th 2015
the UK pool area now has 10 supreme Winner pool tables and is now used as the main Northampton county pool team venue
an impressive room , an  ex cinema with very high ceiling which made hanging new electric match lighting a risky job , so best left to Electricians who can work at Heights off scaffolding .
coopers pool area beer mat packing no good
In august we help recover and relocate some of the Supreme winner tables for coopers from their sister club in Northampton
they had nine tables back then so had room for one more which they sourced from another firm .
They then had the electricians move all the lighting and the tables had to be relocated , a job they did themselves , then they asked the fitter from the other firm who installed that 10th table to look at the other tables and level them .
the above photo shows what he did , packed under the slate with beer mats , this is taboo , and can cause cracked slates or even warped corrugated slate where the slate sags on the gap between the packing .
on the three tables I recovered I put right what this fitter had done , and made much better way of rectifying dropped slates or sagging slate as some call this , normally caused by people sitting on the next table they are playing on .
coopers pool area beer mat packing x3
one of the other tables he leveled by placing beer matts under the slate in different places , you may notice where he is placing these beer matts on the two centre ball return  tunnel supports , which run the entire length of the slate from end to end
coopers pool area proper way to lift sagging slate with cloth strps
and my way of packing is to support the slate gradually by stapling thin strips of cloth then a shorter piece of thin cloth over that , if a third is required then attach that , the slate is then gradually supported it’s entire length
There is no air gaps under the slate between the support and the slate so no risk of a cracked slate and no risk of corrugation of slate
I have given much thought into getting the slate bow out of the carcase on these tables and , I believe my way to be the best solution
I put this down to my Time served Billiards fitter experience of 40 years , the other fitter I think is just  a pool table engineer and not a proper Time served Billiard sfitter trained in the art of working on all cue sports tables
If you can understand how the slates on a full size snooker table must be supported it is no difference in pool tables there must be support on it’s entire length and no gaps between slate and frame , and not wedged with beer mats like the above pool table engineer did , a common thing I find when on my rounds .
The solution to keep tables level is to stop people sitting on the tables , the average male is 12 to 14  stone put this in the centre of the table and it will sag down and deform the carcass of the pool table which in turn the slate will also follow the shape of the now sagging carcass  , so if you see people sitting on pool tables tell them off and point them to this report .
Also , if a pool table engineer places too many beer mats under the slate the top surround cushion clamps will be sprained and cause rattling clips and hinges .