Sir William Bentley flip over 7ft Billiard / 8ft Diner with chairs for sale … just £1750

For sale direct from Private seller at Just £1750 all inclusive of chairs .

We have a client based near Dartford Kent , and he has decided to sell his very nice Sir William Bentley Billiard Flip over diner
GCL Billiards had one of these almost identical only a few months ago advertised and it sold within days of it going live .
This one is a bit more nicer having some marquetry inlay around the outside edge but apart from that very much the same table .
All the chairs are included in the price too which makes this sale a better priced option .

as you can see cloth is Red and there are two sets of balls , pool and snooker plus two triangles and a Brush
The legs although you cannot see them in this photo are Tulip carved design , matching the front chair legs .
the table flips over to reveal an underslung Billiard / snooker /pool table .
this design saves you where to put the table tops if you have a riley one you would have to store the removable dining leaves x 4 or 5 somewhere .

the swivel over dining top has a beautiful flamed Mahogany with marquetry inlay around the outside edge
I would recommend a protective table heat cover to be placed on this then a table cloth over that , when using it as a dining table .

Two carver chairs and 8 normal chairs are included in this sale , which makes it a Bargain for someone .
Sir William Bentley flip over dining  tables are very expensive to buy , our client is taking a big loss in this sale .
So come on be the first to grab a bargain if this table is to your liking and  décor .
I am away on Holiday for a week from Saturday but the first Email I get will be first in line for this table when I resume work back on the 1st if June
so if you do inquire next week do not be alarmed that I have not answered your email just wait until around June 1st for a reply .

Score board and cue rack with cues also is included .

You can now see the leg design of the table and a side chair
and if you look close the inlay marquetry around the outside edge of the table .

Now just as a warning , these tables are extremely heavy .
I can quote for a removal and set back up ,
I would on this table take the cushions off the bed cloth off and the slate out to reduce weight having learnt my lesson on one of these a few months ago
you may therefore decide you may go for a re-cloth at the same time .
If you wish us to relocate the table and re-cloth please get in touch also through the email system and I will price it up for you if you also send me your post code .
please note Ground floor only install on this table .
The price of the table and chairs is just for that , the removal and delivery is extra please ask for a quote for this or you can even use your own removals firm or billiards firm .
but a word of warning if you try and move it yourself , this table weighs more than one section of a full size snooker table .
and because of its large size is very awkward to lift onto a van and strap it to the inside .
The full dismantle way is the best way to move this .

Table and chairs with accessories is a private sale direct from the seller @ £1750

Price to move and relocate and put back together  ? …… codes required to give quote and we will only deliver to a ground floor location with just one step and good parking .

price to re-cloth depends on cloth type and colour and if custom colour . ?

this is one we did a few months back the same model but different leg design .
and sold for a very similar price without chairs .

It was dark blue and had turned legs rather than tulip design .

All inquiries to

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If you are successful in purchasing this table GCL Billiards will charge you just £35 for handling the sale and referring back and forth tel numbers and emails to and from the seller  .
I have had to do this because we are a business and after all I do find tables at prices that are way below what others may charge .
IF you use GCL Billiards to move the table I do not charge this fee .
It is the same with the seller who will also pay £35 admin fee for arranging the sale and the advert fee when sold .
these are the terms and conditions for using GCL Billiards , no sale no fee , and way far better value than using Ebay who would charge 10% of final value £175 plus a listing fee which would be on top of that .
We had too many people just using our service to sell or buy and we where not getting anything out of it …and after all we are a business much like a Estate agent for billiards and cue sports tables
My web pages are very well looked at when people are looking to buy or to sell  over 1.3 million hits in one year  , because the prices are realistic and attractive to buyers and the seller is getting good advice and the table is sold quicker this way .
You could hold out or overprice your table but in my experience price it right sell it quick is the way to go .
The only time I charge a full percentage commission is on very high end high priced tables .
You only have to look at the tables that have sold on GCL Billiards to see we are successful in our approach to buying and selling .
selling off site at just small fees is good for us as we have no overheads like warehouse rentals  , and less time picking up and delivering table direct from seller is much better than bringing to a warehouse then deliver from warehouse as we have to handle twice .

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