Silver Supreme Winner pool table for sale with blue cloth , plus pool table moving wheels trolley £350 . CASH on collection only

we have a Silver pool table at £350 Cash on collection . this is a PRIVATE SALE . and not part of GCL billiards stock .
a supreme Winner 7×4 coin operated with super six coin mech adjustable from 10p to 50p
The table has a hardly worn Strachan 777  Blue cloth fitted to it .
this pool table has come back off site and is now for sale as it stands buyer collects from long Eaton near Junction 25 of M1.
in my opinion all it requires is a respray by silver Halfords can of paint to top surround to look good again .
it is a second hand Pool table and has the usual knocks and scrapes associated with on site use in a pub site .

the top surround is suffering from coin flipping to the silver surround and has marks above where the coin mech is as seen in above photo .
this table will look good again with around £20 worth of spray paint and masking tape , that is all it requires to make it look really good like this photo below when it originally went out on site 18 months ago

the table has been used since this re-cover but no much , and the cloth is in very good condition .

This photo is the current condition of the table as it was picked up off site and as it is for sale .
this price is for pick up only from Long Eaton near junction 25 of M1.

as you can see if the top was resprayed like this photo the table would look a lot better for it .

The table side door has new locks fitted 4 silver legs to match the cabinet and two sets of balls , a set of blue and yellows and a set of spots and stripes
it has a triangle brush and two cues .
the coin mech can be set for FREE play if required .
there is also a ply wood hard top cover to the table as seen in this above photo .
the table is also up for sale on another site so please inquire to see if still available .
In my opinion the cloth has plenty of life left in it , a re-cover in Strachan 6811 is an extra £185 if required , but as said it does not require this .
these COIN OPERATED supreme winners are around £1200 to £1250 delivered and set up depending where you purchase from  , grab yourself a second hand one at below 1/4 of the price of new.

here is one example of silver 7×4 Supreme winner table with blue cloth and coin operated at £1253.00p

Supreme Winner 6 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft English Pool Table