Sew 4 inch by 4 inch L shape tear on full size Antique snooker table at a club in Derby .

Saturday and working again when will I ever get a full weekend off ?
Got a phone call Friday afternoon informing me of this L shape tear on a club table in Derby .
with a few bills coming in the club wanted me to sew the tear up and then around September maybe re-cover the table ,
but for now they just wanted to get the table back in use for a nominal costing .
this is what I found when I got there this morning .

a 4 inch by 4 inch tear , obviously someone knew they had done this , not saying deliberate but it took some downward cueing stabbing power and  a sharp ferrule or very hard tip to rip this cloth to this extent . Especially as this cloth has had two stretches in the past and is on very tight not slack at all .

to sew this large tear the cloth had to be sewn from the reverse which meant two cushions coming off and taking tacks out of two sides .

Right I can now get at the tear and get the cloth to close up a bit rather than trying to pull it together sewing from above , which was impossible due to tension of cloth .
so not a quick repair like some are , this tear was too large to do that . with traveling of around 10 mile each way , this repair took almost three hours of the day up .

Lock stitching the tear together from the reverse side.

when finished I always rub a little candle wax over the threads to strengthen them

the repair of tear fully sewn up and tapped level with hammer and wood block , then cloth is ironed as flat as I could get it .
there is some slight ball deviation when a ball rolls over it but this will get better as the table is brushed and ironed more .
but at least this repair will last them until September , unless someone rips it more or decides to have a go at the repair .
I have suggested  CTV in the room from now on .

not many firms would do a call out job like this , preferring to turn it into a full re-cover

but GCL Billiards do work with clubs to look for a more affordable solution to keeping the table in play until they can afford a re-cover
like most clubs , they have expensive rates and bills to pay at certain times of the year , and the budget for the next re-cover for this table is in September 2017 .