Scotland move snooker table , relocate and transport from Livingstone to Kelso

I have just completed a two day trek up to Scotland to dismantle a full size snooker table in Livingston which was a FREE give away to our client in Kelso
We set off at 5 AM  to Livingston and arrived at 10.30 AM .
Scotland riley sqaure leg Free whole table
the free table advertised for Free on GCL billiards web site , the owner was moving house just wanted it out to complete the move
livingstone strip and cover cushions blue
We re-covered the cushions on strip down to save time on the assemble at Kelso , many billiard fitters do this,  it takes around 15 mins per cushion to re-cover each cushion
they are then ready to re-fit at the other home , and there is a time saving in doing this although my client in Livingstone did not see it that way .
livingston screw blocks back on new slips
I do not know who re-covered the table in Livingstone before we stripped it down maybe around 20 years ago  , but on the cushion re-cover we found that the slips where all nailed in
and the blocks where loose , I re-screwed the blocks back onto the wood every 10 inch  , and fitted new slips to the cushions . the slips are now nice and tight and the cushions will give a better rebound now the blocks are on solid to the cushions .
livingston table loaded ready for kelso
The van loaded by 1.45 PM and ready for our trip over to Kelso , we took a pallet to place the slates on as we had arranged for a fork lift at the other end to take them off .
Kelso door way upstairs old barn
on arriving at our receiving clients home we where shown the upstairs room of the old barn , the only way up to the barn room was by concrete steps as shown here
But we had planned ahead , and we where able to get the local farmer to turn up with his extending beam Manatou fork lift  , this made light work as we had placed the slates onto a pallet in our van
and they where just unloaded and lifted up to the top of the stairs , where we just slid off one slate at a time and then wheeled them to the frame  .
kelso table upstairs with slates on
And by 13 hours after we set off from Nottingham,  The frame with the slates on in the position and level with slate filled  , where it is finally going , our clients had this very modern looking room with a 65 inch curved TV screen at one end
A bar at the other with WC room , the table fits in very well , a modern table for a modern room .
kelso 6811 blue tournament gold thread
after staying in a local B&B  at 9 AM the next day we continued the work on the install , Our clients wanted to keep to the Blue cloth , so we arranged to have it fitted with the best Strachan branded 6811 Tournament 30 oz ,
The old blue cloth that came off the table was none branded and no where near the quality as this 6811 tournament cloth
kelso bed cloth fitted
The table has been leveled and the slate joints filled over and sanded in
The new bed cloth has now been fitted
kelso bed cloth fitted (2)
the table finished ,and ready for play , I did re-check the level and adjusted the middle section which had dropped slightly overnight
kelso view from TV end
View from the TV end of the room towards the doorway with bar being built to the left and WC to the right .
kelso B&B house
I stayed at a very nice B&B near Kelso , I would like to say it was one of the best I have stayed in ,
the name of the B&B is Stonefold Farm near Greenlaw .
Alison made me very welcome , and the rooms and Bathroom was spotless , I had a very good nights sleep , I would recommend this B&B very highly